Saturday, February 28, 2015


Past life regression is re-experience of past life. You may actually feel like you are the person you were in a past life, during your session. You may feel that you have that body again or are with the people you knew in that lifetime. You may also see images in your mind, it is worthwhile to really pay attention to your experience. Usually, people do not lose touch with their current self during these sessions. You will more than likely still know you are you, undergoing a past life session. But this will be mingled with the feeling that you are another you, in another place and time as well.

Sometimes people reexperience trauma and pain from their past life.  If a trauma does come into your consciousness, it is significant to your life now. Believers of reincarnation know that we have all died many many times. You are not going to remember every death your soul has experienced. But you may experience one that is very important to you now. The role of the regression therapist is to help you remember the important situations and then process what you remember. Often, the simple process of recall is a big step forward to healing ailments, emotional scars .

Thursday, February 26, 2015

SRT…A young married women , herself a healer, regression for anger, uneasiness, unrest, heaviness in chest ,phobia of snakes, shoulder pain, wants to feel released before planning child, as if there is some fear ..Unexplained emotion…making her delaying her to plan family. This was third session of past life regression with me ,I planned each session with a gap of one week. First two sessions blended very well, stopped anger, knee pain , shoulder pain. These very interesting two sessions, needed a lot of healings . But I am sharing third session, in which SRT was needed….. Third session…..SRT INBETWEEN REGRESSION…. I am a boy standing in front of a toy shop looking at a monkey toy playing drum. Now I am going towards a lone wheel swing and watching it. My mother is here and taking me home. She is talking a lot….my father is at home .He came back after one month . He bought gifts for us. There is one more child in home, my brother…I am now 25, married. I come from office; my little daughter is greeting me. I have happy life….. I am sitting in rocking chair, I am sad, house is empty . ( A lot of sadness on expression …. ) … silence ..brooding look…when asked what happened ?? ……I am at home, my wife is crying, my daughter fell from stairs, no blood, just dead. I could not save her… I was not home.[ started moving .. i am having unrest, uneasiness at chest and right side of neck.]… I am holding her dead body to my chest and taking her upstairs, there is a small toy car on stair, she slipped due to this, I am throwing car away. I do not want to let her go , but as if she is telling let me go… my uneasiness in chest and unrest is too much... Its is gray now , if is still there with me…[ I talked to entity] ….. I am daughter, The passages to go form here is too narrow …[A long conversation]. .subject said.. .she is sitting in corner, she is in fear . when said that …I am opening a safe passage to send you to light .Rescanning…..Subject…its empty but neck is uneasy on right side… a doll of her is there… [I convince the doll to go to her ] rescanning…subject gone but.a thandapan.[.chilled] part in some area of neck,[ I did conversation….with part]…I am desire and promise, subject….my daughter wanted a doll, new one, and I promised her…this thandapan is due to tears of my daughter, for so long period. [I suggested to….desire and promise we are wishing for her to get a new doll, in full faith, beyond time and space, so we are adding our wish to you, now you will like to go, subject…yesthey are gone .rescanning….all clear and clean,[ the life covered till death], lesion learned by subject .…do not delay things… Went up to white light, in between waited for some guide, had feeling of some warmth, up very big light………. Re-orientation… After three months. .I am free, I am so much at ease. Last week there was a toy car on floor of some friend’s house, I make it a point to keep that on a table. After one and half year…bless with a child. Now I am a very happy mother.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


To discover more about your past lives, consider keeping a notebook where you can record anything that could be a memory from a different lifetime. You may also feel drawn to a particular period in history, a seemingly unfamiliar locale, or a new person you’ve met who seems oddly familiar. Pick a time & choose a place where you can relax. Envision your body being filled with healing white light. Remember that nothing you see or hear will harm you. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through regression & connect with your inner vision. Observe what you see without judgment. When you are done, think about how what you experienced relates to your present life. There may be beliefs from a past life that you are still operating under but are now ready to let go of. The significance of your past life memory may not be immediately obvious until much later. You can make the most of your past lives by learning from them. While past life regression can be an exciting journey, it is not a substitute for living in the present where we are most needed right here & now.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inner Child healing Chandigarh

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse  often have conflicting feelings and opinions about the child they were at the time of the abuse. A Childhood sexual abuse survivor might be mad at the child they were back then for not fighting back, not running away, or not telling. There might be the feeling that this child caused the abuse and therefore is responsible for the pain being felt now as an adult. Many of these feelings end up internalized as anger or resentment towards an inner child, representative of a childhood self.

Some  survivors may have the feeling that their abused child self is someone else, not themselves at a younger age, and acknowledging that you are the adult version of this child who experienced the abuse can be scary. You did go through the abuse as a child, and you survived. Reconnecting with, forgiving, and healing this hurt inner child can be an important part of healing from Childhood sexual abuse.

Healing your inner child can be very intense work, and it is recommended that you have a strong support system.