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Past life regression session at Chandigarh Past life Therapy Institute, sco 365, ff, sec 44-d, Chd, India

Past life regression session , shared by person who regressed....
It was in the Month of December, 2014 that I could finally talk to Dr. Vandna Raghuvanshi. Thanks Google for it. After listening to my story of woes, she gave me 3 affirmations which I was supposed to write in a note book. I began writing the affirmations as directed just like an obedient student and did so till 21/4/2014. I was granted appointment on 22/4/2015. After few preliminaries, my session began at 11am and I left her clinic at 5:45 pm. Honestly I did not want to leave the clinic because there exists an aura of love, care and concern in every inch of the clinic. It took me some time to get into trans. Being an engineer with a logical mind; it was obvious and explained to me in advance.

Life -1

I am in the temple of my kuldevi Mata Shri Naina Devi and sitting below the peepal tree. I am directed to climb down the stairs from the temple where I was sitting and walk into a ground. I am a man of around 40 and it is noon. There I notice a black gate. I try to open the latch but get terribly afraid of falling when asked to open the gate and walk ahead. I am holding on to the gate with full strength and crying because of fear as there was a deep valley below. Somehow I walk down upon being encouraged to do so. There on I reach a bus stand and take a bus direct to my home in present life. I find my mother standing in the court yard and she advises me to go inside and sleep in my bed the bed I use in my present life. It is evening time by then. After some time I begin laughing and reach back the same gate. To my utter surprise, the latch of the door has turned golden.
I am a 20 year old boy standing near the bank of a river with stagnant water. It is afternoon. There I see a wooden boat with no one around. I get into the boat and start rowing like a novice. As the time passes and I am heading towards my destination, I suddenly see the shadow of mountain in water. It had suddenly got dark. I cry in fear and somehow get off the boat but slip. I try to climb up the mountain holding on to the shrubs one after the other and reach at the top. I see a small temple there and just next to that I  see my dead body on the pyre. Many unknown people are standing there and are preparing to do my cremation. I can recognize Aniket who is my younger son in present life  standing with tear filled eyes. I recognize no one else. I come to know that I had not survived but had actually drowned and my floating body (wearing pent and shirt) was seized by the villagers. I see myself going up in the sky after the pyre catches fire. It is probably 1900. My last thought was that of fear, darkness, water and slipping in the deep water with water filling my body and suffocation resulting in death. Guru ji (Gurudev Ram Lal Siyag from Jodhpur) appears as a bright light. I plead him to tell me why I suffer so much both physically and emotionally. He replies, “KARMA”. He advises me to do good with everyone.

Life -2

It is around 1700. My age is 20 plus. I am the Prince. I am married. I have no issue yet. I am in some unknown part of the world with probably English culture. This is my palace and I am inside the palace dressed like a warrior similar to Napoleon Bonaparte with a sword tied properly to my stomach. I am tall and health with exceptionally good height. I am surrounded by statues of warriors. There is a spiral staircase that leads to the first floor. I start crying hoarse after hearing commotion upstairs. There is a bunch of ladies upstairs. There is someone up there whom I am scared of. Someone is crying up there. I cannot go up as it is reserved for ladies. I see my wife shouting at me. I ask her not to do so. But she continues to bombard words at me. Severe headache follows. Pain in neck starts.
After some time the war is declared. I lead my armed soldiers and fight with bravery. I am riding a chariot. Suddenly the enemies surround me and start killing me. My soldiers are not there. I am alone. They are 3 or 4 of them. They hit me with sword on my neck on the left side. They hit me on left arm. My right foot is bleeding. One of them stabs me with a half sword. I fall down. I can see my wife laughing at my condition.
I am taken to the palace and kept at the same place where I was standing before I had proceeded for war. I am facing down. I can see that I am dead. My wife is expressing her happiness that I am dead. I can recognize her. She is my wife in present life. All the ladies climb down the stairs. My wife turns me straight and sobs. I am laughing as I am leaving that place, going up in the sky. My dead body is taken for burial work. Life was not good; just fight both inside and outside the palace.
I am going fast in the sky. I am white light. I am laughing. Suddenly a star comes and enters my body. I laugh and enjoy the sensation. I am happy and feel free. On being guided I forgive my wife and those four enemies who killed me. I leave behind the pain in neck, left arm and right foot. I leave behind all physical and emotional pains. I merge into light.

Life -3

I am a saint with sacred red attire with kamndal. I am sitting cross legged and giving blessings to everyone. I am blessing everyone to remain happy. There are many other saints listening to me. I am their guru ji. I am writing in Sanskrit. It is a granth. I have completed the granth. They all get up and pay obeisance to me which I reciprocate. Then Narad muni appear dressed in yellow attire and directs me to write. I reply that I have already written the granth. Still he insists upon further work. He says,” Write. You will write”. Then he disappears. 

It was a wonderful experience. I have no words to thank Dr. Vandna. Meeting her was a dream come true. I am looking forward to next session in future.

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डॉ वंदना जी मेडिकल अधिस्नातक होते हुए एक बहुत ही अच्छी पास्ट लाइफ रिग्रेशन की विशेषज्ञा और अत्यंत ही विदुषी महिला हैं ।मैं षडदर्शन का विद्यार्थी रहा हूँ और विश्वविध्यालय में इसका अध्यापन भी कराया है , लेकिन एक संशय को लेकर मैं डॉ वंदना जी के पास गया , उन्होंने मुझे पास्टलाइफ रिग्रेशन के जरिये कई पिछले जन्मों का दर्शन कराया , और उनकी क्षमता को देखकर मैं दंग रह गया ।वो एकदम परफैक्ट थैरापिस्ट हैं ।मैं भी अपनी पोस्ट लिखूंगा ।नमन डॉ वंदना जी आपको ! Surendra Nath Panch

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This past life regression session is written and shared by person who regressed....
.what did i do wrong ?
 Too eager to know i called up Dr.Vandana and fix my appointment for my  session, it was 3 ways away and i just could not wait.When i spoke to Dr.Vandana , she asked me to recite a sentence that would help me during my regression and also she asked me to meditate, now this was indicating something different from the rest of my sessions, i realized it is going to be a difficult session perhaps.
On day of my appointment i reached the clinic at 1 pm , my usual timing and we started to discuss my state of mind and why i wanted to undergo the session and then i was asked to meditate .....It was there that Dr.Vandana told me that i was asked to meditate and recite those wording as there was so much eagerness, anxiety in my voice during the telephonic conversation that she had felt i needed to do a little homework in order to be able to regress easily.
The best thing i have experienced with Dr.Vandana is that she reads your mind and she exactly knows where you need to go and what you need to know.
While meditating i was taken to a state of trans and hence the regression started ,where i was in a garden and was supposed to meet someone, it was my present partner , he came and he was holding my hand so tight that i started to feel the pain , he was to go away and he wanted me to wait, he did not want to let go at this point Dr.Vandana started a healing work and with help of divine light she healed the session and freed my hand from him and asked me to move on .............I reached a tunnel of white light and before Dr.Vandana could asked me to enter the tunnel i had reached the end of it so She asked me to start looking around and regressing to where i would get my answers for this session.................. I was a man about 38years of age  , very well dressed who smoked ......Very clearly knew that I was in London , i kept on looking at my pocket watch as i had an appointment at 2 pm with someone .............A very important appointment....the guy did not turn up which was making me very nervous & helpless, i started to feel a pain in my left arm and heart area to which i knew that i was having heart problem.... at this point Dr.Vandana asked me to go to the next event and i saw that i was home , a domestic help served me with a cup of tea in an English style ....I was waiting and i knew the person i was waiting for was my wife, the waiting was keeping me upset and grieving.
The next scene was at supper, where my wife and my 8 years old daughter were at the table, my wife was saying supper prayers and my daughter and I were playing a little game, winking at each other and being just playful............. It took me a while to move from this scene and next scene was something i resisted to reach at , i was hugging my wife but i knew she did not love me, at this point i started crying and i said i love her so much and she does not love me and then i saw who she loved , my present life partner who was watching us and enjoying my misery and helplessness........The worst was he did not even love my wife but she knew nothing about it, she did not know that he was just using her.
At this time Dr.Vandana asked me to find out why did he want to hurt me and when i regressed to earlier time in my life i saw that we were all playing soccer , i was very good at games, sports , studies and was the most favourite of all teachers, neighbourhood and he was a neglected child from a broken family who was not even good looking and had inferiority complex ....He hated me as i was too popular, next scene was that i had graduated from College and i was getting engaged to the most amazing girl in my community and we loved each other immensely .............Dr.Vandana asked me if this person was attending my wedding, i saw that he was not invited and was not in church however he was watching from outside. We were a happy couple and we were soon blessed with a baby girl.
Next i saw was that i was to leave for an assignment which prolonged to about a year , at this time Dr.Vandana asked me to see how my wife met the guy..........It was during a neighbourhood get together or some kind of festival where they met and next they met for an evening tea at my place and at this moment i started crying again as he was holding my wife’s hand.............I cried a lot and then Dr.Vandana asked me to move to the next important event, which was the night i came back from work and i saw my wife and the guy in my bedroom.............I started sobbing, left the house, walking aimlessly on roads, felt broken , cheated and shattered............after 2-3 days i came back home. At this point Dr.Vandana asked me what that appointment all about was. The first scene when my regression started.
That meeting was about hiring someone to kill both my wife and her lover and when the guy did not turn up i felt that all my plans would fail ..............Dr.Vandana asked me what happened next, you went home and were having dinner to which i answered that i never had dinner that night, i was just sitting at the table. She asked me what happened after that and i was refusing to answer , it took me a long time to talk and when i talked i revealed that i had killed my wife, with a knife, i slit her throat. She asked me did you run away after that i said no, i hid somewhere to see what happens next and as anticipated the lover had come, he was sitting by her side and shocked............and i kept on saying he is not having any feeling, he is not upset, he is not sad, he is just shocked, he never loved my wife. Next was that the domestic saw him with my wife’s dead body and eventually he was taken to a place which looked like prison and later i read from newspaper that he was charged guilty which gave me immense satisfaction and happiness....It felt like a bonus as i had not planned it but then he was punished. At this time Dr.Vandana asked me if i was feeling guilty and i said no, i had given her enough chances.............
Dr.Vandana asked me to see how he was feeling so i saw him in jail, where he was sitting with his lifeless eyes, the same calculative mind, with absolutely no emotions or feelings however i knew he wanted revenge and he was just waiting for the right time..................I saw the same person for the second time in my regressions and each time he had the same eyes, emotionless....lifeless!!! Complex and EVIL.
What  happened next was that my daughter grew up and i fell more sick as time went by , she had become a nurse ..............I died in d hospital from illness related to heart and lungs A doctor, 2 nurses and my daughter were present.
I was asked by doctor to see what happened to my body and i was very upset to know that my daughter had donated my body for research to a hospital , i died in 1940 and my daughter who was a nurse in India had donated my body to a medical school and i was buried after 1-2 months ..........I was very upset that without my consent my body was donated .............I was buried like an unknown person with no stone in some unknown place within the hospital...................then i stated that since in India they don’t burry the body, they did not know how to do it.
After my death Dr.Vandana asked me to go and seek forgiveness from the guy , I went to him in jail and met him, forgave him and also explained him that i was hurt and it was him who started to hurt me etc., it took me a lot of time and eventually we hugged and forgave each other , for the first time whether in regression or in real life i saw life in his eyes and we smiled and parted ways then i left to join the divine light, i saw my soul mates and also the master soul, this time i was a greyish light not too bright so Dr.Vandana healed me with divine light and then the master soul blessed me too and i asked him about my soul mate again and he reassured me that i would be with my soul mate in present life. I did not ask anything this time from my soul mate as i knew he was busy finishing an un finished work so that we could be together.
I rested in white light and received blessings ....................Dr.Vandana asked me to forgive my wife and my partner “s friend from real life who had helped my partner to plan my death but i was too tired and i told her that it was not required as that is what the master soul had indicated.
It is so strange how we keep carrying impressions and how we plan to pay for our deeds ....I feel blessed to have been able to experice this past life.......

Thank you Dr.Vandana 

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If you feel deep rooted Anger inside you ...Consider for Apast life regression session...Regression therapy in Chandigarh, INDIA contact ..09872880634...mail

We are at war with the past because our anger is always towards something that has already happened & looking at it we react emotionally which means we are trying to change it, which is impossibleplace a year ago, a month ago or even a second ago or across time in your past life  cannot be changed.  Somewhere & sometime in the past, we have picked up & absorbed the belief that the world & its circumstances should shape up exactly as we want. 

When our internal desire of a certain type of circumstances is not fulfilled, or in other words something against this belief happens, our instant reaction is one of the various forms of anger & we tend to try & change the incident that has happened in a far-off past or a past that has just gone by. We keep replaying a revised incident, with words & actions that we would have liked & that suit our convenience & we also keep nullifying the actual incident or remain in a un-acceptance mode towards it. This is like fighting a war with the incident. We tend to do this inside our minds, repeatedly, even realizing somewhere deep within, that it is impossible. 

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Surrogate regression was taken by myself for my brother. Issue for which session was taken was my brother's relationship with a girl from past 7 years, he wanted to marry her but my parents were not ready as they wanted him to first get settled in life and then get married. My brother who left studies after higher secondary
wanted to start a construction bussiness but my  father who is a retired person had limited resources and was not well from past few years so cannot help my brother. He wanted that my brother should go abroad, be independent by himself to run a family and then get married but girl's parents were continuously pressurising for marriage. This lead to blame game, as my brother started blaming parents that because of them he is not able to earn and not getting married. My brother started misbheaving with parents and use to threat them that he'll commit suicide.  Then I approached Dr. Vandana and she suggested me to take a surrogate regression for my brother.
On the day of regression doctor took me into deep hypnotic trans. Session beginned with seeking permission from my higher self and my brother's higher self to further proceed for PLR. After permission was granted, I was taken to most important past life of my brother which was affecting the present. It was 18th century life, in England. Entered the life as young 5 years old child with curly hair (same as he is having in his present life) and his name was Sam. With entering only into this past life crying beginned. Doctor asked to observe what happened to him. Saw that he was playing a with ball and was happy, then had a fight with young girl who was also playing with him and girl slapped him ( found that young girl to be myself, sister in his past life also, similar fights we had in our present childhood also). In next scene, he was sitting on table and having dinner with father( same father in present life) and was happy, father loves him alot. Next I was asked to observe important event affecting present life. Sam was now 12 or 13 years old sitting on a wooden swing with a girl and holding her hand. Both were in love and the girl was his present life girlfriend also. Doctor asked to see what happens next. In next scene, he was 17 years old boy sitting depressed on chair and suddenly he gets up from chair go towards wooden almirah, opens it and picks up a revolver and shoot himself in his right forehead (in present life also he use to have severe headache on right side). Doctor asked to see why he shot himself and is there someone with him. Saw him lying in a pool of blood in his mother's lap (same mother in present life also) but reason for which he comitted suicide was not found. Then doctor said life got over and took Sam's soul to very higher plane and ask to see down in life and find the reason.
Then saw Sam begging before his girlfriend's parents to let him meet her and he wanted to marry her. But they didn't allowed as they wanted him to bring money from home and told him they will marry their daughter to him only when he brings them money, they were greedy. In next scene, he steals money and jewellery from home and gives it to his girlfriend's parents but they wanted him to bring more and didn't allowed him to meet girl (in present life also he use to take money from mother by lying to her that he needs it and then buy expensive gifts for his girlfriend). Sam started remaining depressed, his mother made lot of efforts to make him understand that they are not good people and he should forget about girl as we don't have the amount of money they are asking for but he was adamant that he'll only marry that girl. He goes to his girlfriend's house daily and begs in front of her parents but they didn't said yes to his proposal. After sometime they married their daughter to some rich man and girl was also happy with her husband. After this event Sam was under severe depression and ended his life.
Then Dr.Vandana took the soul to seek master light's guidance. Guidance came that he should go abroad. After guidance healing was given and lot of blackness got released from body of my brother. Dr. Vandana also released all the unwanted chords from his aura.
Then 2nd life came of a married woman. Husband was present life girlfriend. I was asked to observe important event. Saw husband was hitting wife with a wooden stick. Reason behind was wife didn't brought enough dowry. In next scene, saw husband left the wife and started living with another women. Wife couldn't bear this and ended her life by jumping in a river. After death soul was brought up and healing was given by doctor to release suicidal tendencies which remained in both lifes and in present life also my brother use to threaten parents for ending life himself.

Results: My brother ended up relationship with the girl. Now he understands that his parents were right, respects them more. He has moved abroad now.

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PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND LIFE BETWEEN LIFE SESSION REGARDING A RELATIONSHIP ISSUE The reason for taking PLR session was a person with whom I was in deep love but still has fears of expressing my love to him and a feeling of insecurity in being in a relationship with him. This thing has been annoying me from past 6 months since this was the time I started seeing him. Despite being uncomfortable in being in a relationship with him I was ignoring other marriage proposals which were coming for me. All this became my questions (why this is happening) for taking PLR and LBL. Went on 20 October 2013 for my session but could not regress on that day, maybe I was not prepared for it or was having some fears. Dr. Vandana gave me an affirmation to practice 21 times in a day for one week. On 26 October 2013, I again went to her mentally very much prepared for session. Dr.Vandana made me comfortable and asked me to start journey from the place I like most; it started from Golden Temple at Amritsar. I took blessings from there and went into a beautiful cloud which took me into the time where I will find my answers. I landed and Dr.Vandana asked me to come out of the cloud and see the feet which I realised are of a man and then I was asked to see the land where that man is standing. I saw it was a dry land and it was evening time and year was 1942. Next she asked me to see if there is some house and I found one hut and I was asked to go inside and see. As I went inside I saw that same person lying on bed made of coir, sleeping with a multicoloured check sheet on him. In next scene I see that same man sitting on some rocks and drinking tea with his friends and a lady wearing a green coloured sari standing by his side. Then doctor asked me to see what work that man do and I saw he is a labourer working on site where a road is being made. Then I was asked to recognise the man and lady but I couldn’t. Then I was asked to go an important event and I saw my marriage. I was getting married to same man whom I saw earlier. I was asked to recognise him and I saw he is tall dark and handsome man having big eyes and moustaches, wearing a tilak on his forehead and a garland made of marigold flowers. At this moment I realised he is the same person whom I’m in love with in my present life. Doctor asked me to see myself but couldn’t and I told her that I’m wearing a red sari on my wedding. I was asked to go further 5 years in life and see what kind of relationship I had after marriage which I could not find. Then I was asked to see my death, how I died in that birth. I said I had a normal death and I saw my funeral, I was wearing a brown coloured sari and was old around the age of 80s. I was asked is my husband present there and I said no my son is there. Doctor asked to go above and see the birth of your son. I saw I gave birth to a daughter and in that life I had three children, two daughters and a son. Doctor asked me to go to an important event and see from above where is your husband. Then I found after 5-6 years of marriage he left me and went with some other women. I was asked to see that women but couldn’t but she was same women I saw earlier wearing a green coloured sari. I was asked why he left me and I said he told me nothing. I was crying, doctor asked me to look from above and find the reason and I found I was not beautiful in that life. I was dark coloured and having some pimple kind marks on my face. It was this moment in which I saw myself for the first time in that life. Then I was taken above to my Master Soul by doctor. It was beautiful and peaceful moment for my soul. I was in a petal shaped room filled with violet and pink light. My healing was done here and I was told to ask my Master Soul is there a future with a person whom I’m presently attached to? Master Soul replied ‘no’. I was asked to forgive my husband and that other women and I forgave them. Then I was asked to see my soul mate but only saw one small yellow light blinking in a corner but couldn’t recognise it. Lesson I learnt here was all this was bound to happen but I should forget the past and move towards my future. And I should not ignore myself as in spite of being beautiful in my present life I never appreciated myself. After this I saw a next life. It was 18th century life of England, I saw myself as 5 years old girl very beautiful having dark brown curly hair same as I have in my present life also. Then I saw someone lying on a bed and he look like my father of my present life but was not sure. I lived in a big house and then I’m sitting on a big dining table all alone and crying. I was asked to see is my mother there but couldn’t see her. May be my mother was not alive in that birth and may be this was the reason of being so attached to my mother in my present life. Then I was asked to go to important event and see my marriage. I saw myself getting married at age of 21 and it is a christen wedding. I was asked to see my husband and I saw he is having light coloured eyes and is very fair having long face. I couldn’t recognise him who is he during session but after few days of the session I recognised him, he was same person who was following me in my present life from past 7-8 months and I never liked him following me. Then I was asked to see further how life is after marriage or any happy moment is there. I saw my husband carrying me in his arms and I’m wearing royal blue colour gown. Doctor asked me to see further in life, is I’m having any children but I couldn’t. I was asked to see my death. I saw I’m old women of 70 or 71 years in age sitting on a rocking chair and making a sweater. I had a heart attack and I died there on the chair. I lived all alone there. Next I saw my funeral, I was buried and my name Rose is written on my grave. Doctor asked me to see where my husband is or how was the life see from above but I could not see maybe I didn’t liked my husband in that life and had very lonely life. Then I was taken above in Master light and my heart chakra was healed with green and white light. May be this life gave lot of pain to my heart and that is why I suffered from a heart attack. In my present life also, during some anxiety I had problem of palpitations. But after PLR and LBL this problem has been completely gone.

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Past Life Regression
Past life regression is a regression to previous lives. A person relives and re-experiences own previous life. Dr. Brian Weiss had a young lady patient with many physical issues, fear and anxiety. In trance with his command she regressed to root cause of her present state, and to past lives. With many sessions, she improved in her health and psychological symptoms. His book “Many lives, Many masters” an international best seller, popularized past life regression around the world.
In India, Dr. Tripti Jain conducted a T.V. show-“Raj Pichlay Janam Ka”. This T.V. show made past life regression very popular in India. Now common man understands its procedure and benefits. This therapy is gaining popularity due to its beneficial results.
 is an effective therapy and helps in all quarters of life. Few are                
 Unexplained physical, mental, emotional, relationship issues.
.                   PLR can help to improve relations/ save  married life, helps to remove disharmony in any type of relationship, makes forgiveness  easy in bitter hurts, one can understand others point of  view, one have better understanding for self.
.                   When an emotional reaction is too intense for a person, place, group.
                   Recurrent nightmare, recurrent dreams, phobias & fears get removed with PLR.
                   When a person feels low energy and chronic fatigue
                   To remove creative blocks.
                   Helps to know your identity and solving sexual problems.
                   In Chronic diseases, allergy, recurrent headache, migraine, asthma etc.
.                   For greater self-esteem.
               To bring back past life abilities in your present life and spiritual advancement.
.               PLR can be fascinating and emotional treat for some.
Is it a safe therapy?
        In this therapy no medicine is given and it is no touch therapy.
       Past life regression is safe in hands of experienced past life therapist.
What is age regression?
You regress to your present life till birth time. It is useful in:-
       Molestation and sexual assault incidence.
       Traumatic experiences
      Anxiety, Fear and bitterness because of some specific incidence.
       Traumatic and lonely childhood / adolescence.
       Brought up with alcoholic parents and in broken family.
What is in Womb (antenatal) regression?
      It is the nine month time when soul consciousness is in the womb of mother.
       Sometimes person regress to this time during regression therapy.
What is LBL (Live between Lives)?
       After end of one life soul consciousness goes above in light.
       In LBL time soul mates, master’s guidance and planning stage are observed.
What is SRT (Spirit release therapy)?
Dr. William. J. Baldwin introduced SRT. He developed most of the techniques which are used by therapist around the world. 
       In SRT discovery and release of attached entity and unwanted spirits from the energy body and the physical body is done.
      SRT when required and done properly brings positive changes in life.
When a person is hypnotized he/she is in alpha stage. At this stage suggestions are given for recovery e.g. from emotional, physical, psychological mental issues etc. Common indications for hypnotherapy are:-      
 Remove stage fright.
       Improve self-confidence.
       Reduce stress
       Management of anger
       Overcome examination anxiety
        Weight reduction
      Overcome fear
       Nail  biting
   Bed wetting
   Improve cone centration
   Gaining weight
 and much more.....