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Regression, of any type, presents no particular risk in the hands of a competent and trained professional.  If can offer major advantages in revealing the sources of problems, even in cases of habit control--smoking, overeating, etc.  It is usually contraindicated in cases of major medical disorders.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Talents and abilities, likes and dislikes, and attractions and aversions can also be clues to past lives. You might feel yourself being drawn to certain people or to certain cultures, even if you've never visited them. You might find you are able to learn certain subjects or prepare for a profession more easily than others. For example, a particular foreign language might come quicker to you, while others are more difficult. Or you may have an intense interest in certain historical times and events, 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Past life regression sessions for many issues in present life..[ brief discription of each session]..
Case....a girl, age...28, unmarried/o disharmony  and fights  in parents life, dominating mother, no role of parents in brought up, mother brought her up as a boy, dressed like boy, people used to think they are two brothers in family, send hostel in class 6th. Medical record...treatment for. hypothyroidism, increase uric acid, osteoarthritis, insomnia, goiter, direction of road loss , mainly in night, do not like sequences, shock absorber for strong events’, gets irritated in small things, frequent dream. Going somewhere, but something left behind, confused about her sexual identity, but not experienced any relation or sex in anyway. Actually not interested in it. When parents say to get married, feels it is imp. For her to know her sexual identity and decided to come for past life regression...

Regression  Session..
life one... year 1817, I am a man, we live in some forest, i have a wife and two kids. I am head. We are sitting for meeting under tree. Food is not much in this area, we have to move.  We are moving, we lost the track, and it is desert. Aandhi chal rahi hai. All around is sand. I am inside sand, I am dying, I am dead.
Lesson learned.........I am at peace, but i am not happy, I am leader, direction must be taken care of.
Regression Session..
 life two.....year...1817, i am a girl, meera, in hamipur. My parents are thinking of my marriage. I am married, have one son. I and my husbands are like friends, not like husband,  he died when I was only thirty.. Live is moving. I do not talk to any one.I am not intested in anything in life . I died very old. i do not have any worry.
Lesson learned...algaav (detachment)
Regression Session 
 life three....i am 3 yrs old girl. my parents are old. They found me near river. this village in Raipur panchayat. i am daughter of king , was born in a palace. My mother with her own wish left me in liver, old man found me. he is too sick. He is dead. I am 19 yrs. old lady do a lot of chik...Chik. i go to small land, do all farming, hal jotna, i wear kurta pajama only, because they gave this dress only. Old lady is dead......
a girl is jumping in river, i saved her., bought her home, time is moving. She takes care of home, i do farming. She is behaving like my wife. We now sleep in one bed, but there is no sex. i think protection is main issue. She is now not happy. She is married, i am surprised, she is asking me some tofha. She is gone. i am upset, she should have told me. Time is moving. i am not much well now. She is back. , fighting me why i not stopped her. She fights a lot. i am not well, it is morning, i am on cot outside hut. She is shouting, telling she is going to jump in well. She is going towards well. i cannot stop her. My legs are too weak now; she jumped in well in front of my eyes. I am getting weak day by day, i am dying, i am dead.
Lesson learned...algaav (detachment)
Regression Session..
 life  four.....year 1959, i am a boy ,age  22 year, with father and grand mother. My marriage with a moti (fat) girl is what i am seeing. Now our home lost all the peace, my wife is very "ladaka", and of angry nature. She is after my dadi. i have a son now, dadi is dead. My wife sleeps in kitchen, and fight whole day. My cousin and business partner tells me to kill her. We bought poison; he mixed it in water and gave her to drink. She in falling on floor. She is dead. No one knows it. We are safe, but i am feeling too weak. This is guilt. Yeh mera sanskar nahi tha...i am getting weaker, no medicine work for me, i am on bed. i am no more my father is crying. 
lesson....i am  feeling  too much  guilt
                                 she  early  twenties, i was clear that i am more towards spirituality, i never gets attached to any thing, any one, i learned yoga, but when pressure for my marriage from my mother comes , this thought of my sexual identity came in my mind.
Cause of Multiple Health problems understood by her.
Loss of directions. Also re-experienced,she felt will be removed in future. She was very happy and felt suddenly she feel like a women. After one year informen on phone about her marriage and many positive changes in her own outlook for her life.  


what is de-ja-vu ???
its a feel
what is de-ja-vu ???
its a feeling that i have seen this city before ! i met him/ her before !
i feel so upset with this same issue !
 i feel happiness in doing this !!!
this all something familer...good and bad comes winto DE-JA-VU..
When you have this de-ja-vu go for past life regression..
you will travel to your past life related with this issue...o doing this !!!
this all something familer...good and bad comes winto DE-JA-VU..
When you have this de-ja-vu go for past life regression..
you will travel to your past life related with this issue...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Past life regression story...Chandigarh past life regression Institute, India

Past life regression session wriien shared by the person who regressed....
We began the session and i was taken to a state of trance soon enough ,  I immediately knew that I was in Rajasthan , around 17 years of age and watching a family while they were having dinner. A man of about 38 years of age, 2 boys, and an elderly couple, I was watching them and i could feel something in my heart. I was in that family but not a part of them.
I was wearing a below the knee length skirt with lots of work , healy silver ankelets and lost of jewellery , even my arms were decorated. I had a peice of cloth pinned to the back of my head that would cover my bare upper back.I was dark with sharp features.
I was moved further in time , I was supposed to be sleeping in a kitchen on d floor on a rug instead i saw myself in a room with a wooden carving bed and i knew it was the room that belonged to the man of the house, i was in relation with him and we were to get married. I was very happy that i would soon be the woman of the house.
The next scene was when i realized that i was pregnant, And after this scene i could not see anything for a while. I was taken to the delivery time yet I could not visuallize anything , at this time i started crying ., I never delivered a baby because i was told i could not have a baby, he had lied to me, he would never marry me. I watched my self hitting myself in the stomach till i lost the baby. I killed my baby  .Next was when i saw myself running away from that place, I had wrapped all my belongings in a peice of cloth that i carried under my left arm.
Next scene was when i saw myself working in a place where I was cleaning the place while other women like me would come and talk to a british woman and then sit down on the floor in one room and study. I used to finish work and stand outside the room filled with women and try and see what they do , the english woman eventually allowed me to sit with those women and i satrted to study.
In the next scene i saw myself wearing a nice saree and now i was teaching other poor women. I was no more trying to lower my look , i no more avoided men. I could meet and talk with them without looking ugly and unkept and they respected me. I connected respect with teaching. I was overjoyed and announced that i carried a handbag.
I moved forward between the age of 30-35 and i saw myself running a school where there were classes and we had kids studying there, I stayed in a house that was either within the premises of the school or in walking distance. I always wore a saree and tied my hain in a bun.There was no man in my life. Around the age of 38 i met a man who was very well dressed , wore a hat and i felt attracted to him but something inside was telling me i had to stay away. We met at a function at the school and after few months we met again but i decided i had to stop meeting him. He was not good for me. Though i knew i was attracted to him more than he was attracted to me.
In a scene i saw myself traveling to England , i went to meet the English lady to thank her( she was my mother in this life), she was very old yet graceful and was very happy to see me grow as a person , i thanked her and came back, it was very fulfilling to meet her again and share my story.
I came back and a young woman came back with me , I enjoyed her style of teaching which made our school different from others. I had to learn so much from her.
Dr.Vanadana asked me what did i do other than school and teaching , i said i used to read a lot of books.I saw myself next in a place where there were only women who wore white clothes and there was a teacher who would teach them yoga. The center was in a place with very low mountains or hills and it said Yoga but we never did yoga we used to do meditations. Dr.Vandana moved me to the age 55-60. I was reading alot , i was reading  and by this time i was teaching the meditation technique to other women in that center. The name suggested Raja Yoga and i was wondering that we all are women and why would the name of our center be Raja Yoga(there was no man). Later on i found out that there is a Raj yoga center for women in rajisthan which is for Brahma Kumaris.
At this point i was moved to the age 60-65 and i told her in a very sure voice that i had 7 years to prepare myself to go , between this time period i wanted to prepare to go , i knew i was to go at the age of 67. I had given the charge of the school to the English young lady and would only supervise.
Dr.Vandana asked me how did i do the preparation and i told her through long meditation.
I moved to the time of death , It was early morning , maybe 5 am, i woke up and had a bath , wore pure white but new clothes , did my meditation , said my prayers, had tea and sat on the bed and i was gone.
Dr.Vandana asked me how would you describe this life and i said : LEARNING.
I moved up very fast , I reached a place of absolute calmness, i felt thr presence of my master light.
I asked about my 3 issues from the  light  and received guidance. After my session I felt ,I am lucky to have a therapist like dr.vandana raghuvanshi. It was very satisfactory session.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Uses of past life regression...

How can a Past Life Regression help you?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Discover how the past holds the key to unlock your future
  • Heal a pattern in your present life relationships that originates in a past life
  • Rediscover past life gifts and talents and integrate them into this lifetime
  • Help in healing process  by Heal present emotional and physical problems by healing the past
  • Discover this life’s lessons and purpose when communicating with your past life self