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A beautiful Journey: Past Life Regression , everyone will love to read.

An interesting regression. Will try to write in short. A young, married women, age30 yrs, married, topper in studies...very beautiful... Looks seems combination of beautiful features...only single session done, three lives covered...instant regression..
.1st life.
 Year  1140...i  am  a girl,  wearing dear  skin  cloths,  age  25  years, living in  Gangotri, an ashram, since childhood, as  I am an orphan, but most cared by others in ashram. This ashram is having Shiva statue. I have taken diksha. I am a Brahma Chari. We are going kashi for Kashi Vishwanath Darshan with our head of the ashram. I stayed there, then I went to Lumbvini, it is in Nepal. I stayed and did have siddhiya by tapsya. I am a bhikhshuni... I meditate whole day. I see now we all are going to bless a marriage ceremony in is a very big palace. We are blessing the boy, who is to be married. His name is dhritu. I am 35 year old now. When dhritu saw me, he refused to get married to the other girl. A lot of things are happening. We are coming back. His father is standing with us with folded hand. Some one from us is telling something. Regarding marriage, I am too upset to listen these things. We are leaving the patliputra.but I did not accepted dhritu proposal. But I know, I liked the thought of his love for me. I am varying sad. Meri tapsya bhang ho gayi, toot gayi... now I am in kashi sang math. I am 50 years old. I am head. I am sick. Mera dil me khrabi hay. Breathing problem hai. Dhritu is here to take care math and me. He is still unmarried. He devoted his life for me. 
(.actually dhritu is my life husband.).......then death...lesson learned...duty is important.
2nd life......
.year.1803 I am a beautiful girl in Palestine area. They are calling me malika. I have four brothers, my father is very rich. I am very much pampered. I am very proud, in nature. An Indian man comes to teach me sitar. Now we love each other. Abbas, my elder brother now know this. I am too sad. Abbas killed my sitar teacher. Sitar teacher was in fact dhritu, of last life; he is my present life husband. I am. Going   to Paris for change but not happy. Time is passing. I am not ready to come back. Abbas is sad. He takes so much pains, comes to meet me. His wife also comes.   Now I understands my brothers love for me, so  I  am getting  married  to  some  one  my  family choose. A lot of story......................death. Lesson compassionate.
(Two  very  imp  present  life  people...Abbas, the  brother  and his son  and  Ayaa.The mousi  in  this  life. Integrated in this life.)
3rd life
  i am a girl, 12 year, golden hair, my name is rose.  I am on ship with my nanny (caretaker). My mother is dead, so my father is sending me to my grand parents, I am leaving father do some work there. I am growing in beautiful women. I study and good in it. My grandfather is dead. I live with my grand mother and house is beautiful. I am happy, I love someone, and he loves me. Actually (you know... he is the same dhritu& sitar teacher). I am going somewhere. It is big building, it is airport. My friend came to airport to see me off. I am upset. I complained about my father to govt. I think he is a spy. Some Budapest regency...Nazi...these thoughts are coming in mind. Oh, I want to tell my father, what I did. Oh father is here. At airport. He is coming. Ahhhhh. He shot me.i am dead. He killed himself. My lover...he is so sad...lesson. Learned.....i should not have taken a hasty decision .one should make proper inquiry, before any conclusion .he was not a wrong man.   I am feeling uselessness now.....very long silence....
After PLR: Reorientation and integration....
                                Very much scared at airport. Chest problems without medical cause. Chest hurts a lot without any reason.
Some azeeb sa birth mark on chest. In this time.
Present husband......they met at airport. He came to pick her, official work. Not each was love at first site for both. In this life also uska rokaa ho chukka tha.he refused for that rishta. They got married with efforts of Mamaji of her husband. Mamaji was father of dhritu in year.1140.
She feels very much connected with Lahore, London and Paris.
Four other relations in present life were in other lives.
Conclusion....dhritu (1140), sitar teacher (1803), a friend and love (1932) same person.... all the time and husband in this life...



A 17 year girl came for past life regression session, she is sharing her experience with all of you.....
Why I need Regression???
·       Because I feel I am shy and I am afraid of keeping my point of view
·       Sleeplessness sometimes causes irritation and scary dreams
·       Why do I keep my emotion inside me?
·       Why m I not able to share my feeling with anyone?
·       Unexplained body pain and fatigue, tiredness, pain in legs off and on.
Regression session......
When I had entered the first door of my life and saw myself in a pretty pink dress. I was 3 years old at that time. My room was full of toys, games, cars, and all. I was a very shy kind of girl and was always afraid of talking to anyone. But my mother was very loving and caring mom. My father never understood me and my feelings. In my school days I was very afraid to answer questions thinking that the answer would be wrong. But in my college life I was totally changed because when I reached my college and saw that no one cares about what you say whether right or wrong you just have to answer. So at that time all my shyness, cowardness was released out. After completing my college I was offered with a job abroad. My father and elder brother refused to this proposal. But at that time my mother told that I also have the same right as my brother have to work, so I and my mother went to abroad for 2 years we both were working. After one year when we came back from abroad. My brother got married. After the arrival of his wife the whole atmosphere of our house was changed everyone understood the importance of one another. After 2 years of my brother’s marriage my father’s friend got the marriage proposal for me also. It was an arranged marriage with all the rituals like a South Indian family does. I had got married. I was very happy with my parent’s decision. My mother in law and father in law both loved me a lot. I and my husband had a very good bonding but sometimes due to our working hours and stress we both used to fight. But everything changed after 2 years when we had our baby boy. He was the cutest boy of the world. Everyone loved him a lot. Slowly and slowly due to our boy my relation with husband got more loving. But after some years when I had continued with my job while coming back from school I had met with an accident with a truck which was the disastrous moment of my life. I was fully fractured. After sometime doctors refused because my lower body was damaged and I could not stand ever again. During those days my husband used to stay whole day with me taking care of time and my son used to love a lot which made me cry and feel what I always wanted in my childhood, the love of my parents, my brother which I was getting now.
Those last days of my life were the most happening days by being in the bed. Both the families were together, all were sitting next to me as I saw mother entering the room , I wanted to talk to her but all of a sudden I lost my breathe. I was no more. I just wanted to thank my mom for whatever she had done for me, for her love. Those last moments of my life were the happiest moments, but I got the happiness at cost of my severe illness. When I, left the body , my body was still painfull, dr.vandana guides me to light. As , I entered in light , i felt calm and healed.It was amazing experience.

After 10 Days:
·       Mind Relaxed
·       No Body Pains
·       Happy at heart
·       Weight Loss

·       Speak Freely now

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dr.vandana raghuvanshi, past life therapist, life coach, works with twenty one healing modules. she is based in Chandigarh, India

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi
Director Energy Healing Guidance
Surgeon, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapist,
Neuro-Linguistic Program(NLP) Therapist
Reiki Grand Master & Pranic Healer.
Power of Subconscious Mind Trainer
Magnified healer and Teacher
Crystal Healer
Dowsing Teacher and Dowser
Teacher for Crystal ball gazing
Trainer for Forgiveness
World class trainer for how to attract abundance
EFT/ ERT[Emotional release therapy ] Trainer
Medical Vedic astrologer

· >Past life regression & hypnotherapy:   Successfully doing past life regression, children’s past life        sessions,
 > past life therapy for phobia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness unexplained
  physical health problems, relationship issues, spiritual advancement, guidance from    master.
> LBL (Life between Lives) session, age regression, anti natal (in womb) regression, Inner child healing, >Re-Birthing cleansing of  present physical body Aura and Chakra before regression,
 >SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)
. >As a spiritual healer she does healing work in Past Life Session for forgiveness and disconnection of disharmony cords, removal of negative energy from past life and SRT in past life therapy session

> NLP therapy for nail biting, bed wetting, goal setting, eating disorders and to increase confidence and NLP for sports person. 
> Hypnotherapy for phobia, alcohol, addictions, anxiety, stammering, stage fright, insomnia
*Teaching Reiki Level 1,2 Level
,3rd degree (Karuna Reiki),
Grand mastership
magnified healing
, Dowsing,
 EFT (Emotional Release Therapy),
 Crystal ball gazing
, Activation of third eye,
 Crystal healing,
 Forgiveness healing,
 How to attract abundance  Workshop
Power of Subconscious mind.
·    Healing: facilties provides.....
 Aura cleansing & aura healing
Distant healing
 Chakra cleansing, activating, radiating and balancing
Pranic healing for
 endocrine disorder healing example: PCOD, Infertility, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Asthma etc
.Karmic healing.
Healing as SRT
Healing for relationship issues
Healing for negative energy removal
Healing by three fold flame
Healing for group event
Emotional release therapy session
Healing for home and office for negative energy
Highly charged amazing quratz/ crystals for all purpose for sale


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Learning to accept the things that we perceive as wrong can be a difficult task for many of us. Often we have been brought up to accept that it is normal to feel guilty about our actions & that by doing so we will make everything seem alright within ourselves. Even though we might feel that we have a reason to make up for the choices we have made, it is much more important for us to learn how to deal with them in a healthy & +ve way, such as through forgiveness &understanding. 

When we can look back at our past & really assess what has happened, we begin to realize that there are many dimensions to our actions. While feeling guilty might assuage our feelings at first, it is really only a short-term solution. It is all too ironic that being hard on ourselves is the easy way out. If we truly are able to gaze upon our lives through the lens of compassion, however, we will be able to see that there is much more to what we do & have done than we realize. Perhaps we were simply trying to protect ourselves or others & did the best we could at the time, or maybe we thought we had no other recourse & chose a solution in the heat of the moment. Once we can understand that dwelling in our -ve feelings will only make us feel worse, we will come to recognize that it is really only through forgiving ourselves that we can transform our feelings & truly heal any resentment we have about our past. 

Giving ourselves permission to feel at peace with our past actions is one of the most +ve steps we can take toward living a life free from regrets, disappointments & guilt. The more we are able to remind ourselves that the true path to a peaceful mind & heart is through acceptance of every part of our lives & actions, the more harmony & inner joy we will experience in all aspects of our lives

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Therapies available at Past life regression centre , Chandigarh, India. For more information call at ..09872880634 or mail
Past Life Regression:
You got to your root cause in past life, re-live, re-experience, re-lease the carry over clutter in body, mind, life, relationships in present life and remove your blocks.
Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression:
Meet masters, get guidance in life, meet soul mate, can assess your life plan, can meet planets, get healing.
Age Regression:
From childhood till date of session.
In Womb Regression:
The time when you were in the womb of the mother and what fear and trauma you faced. To release these womb regression is very good.
Traumatic Event Regression:
To heal specific trauma.
Birth time Regression:
To heal birth trauma.
Inner Child Facilitation Work:
Healing of childhood and teenage. The adult self suffer due to inner child fears. Inner child work helps to heal the child within and adult can take right decision in life.
Family Constellation Healing
Re-birthing- Breathing
Take 10 sessions of re-birthing and be born a new human by healing yourself completely.
Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy (NLP):
Treat OCD, Phobia; Nail biting, Bed wetting, Anxiety, Time Line Therapy, Swiss Therapy, Goal planning, Self-improvement and sports NLP, NLP for teens.
I) Addiction
Ii) Alcoholism
iii) Stuttering
V) Insomnia
vi) Panic attack
vii) Remove bad habit
Viii) Self-Motivation
Ix) Depression
xi) Unexplained headache.

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Hypnotherapy clinic IN CHANDIGARH, INDIA


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Listed below are some of the conditions for which Hypnotherapy is indicated as a practical treatment:

Phobias - If you've suffered from fear of something which leads to avoidance of it then you could benefit from a phobia treatment. The treatment is gentle and does not force you to face your fear until you are ready and we aim only for the goals you set. The average treatment takes between two and four sessions, although it can take longer, and has been known to work in a single session. We primarily use techniques based in the behavioural school of psychotherapy, we also employ techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in addition to traditional hypnotherapeutic methods.

Stop smoking - A two session treatment which can break the habit now and forever. A number of different techniques can be employed to suit the individual: Traditional Habit Breaking, Aversion, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and others. Whatever your motivation is, we have a technique that can help. As hypnosis works best with motivated people we suggest that you consider hard how ready you are to give up, what your reasons for giving up are and what you will do with all the extra time and money. If you have reservations about giving up you should discuss this further with us.

Weight Control - A long-term therapy, with two or three sessions in the first month to get you started and then ongoing support at intervals you see fit. We will teach you the skills to help you control your eating, to enjoy healthier foods and help find the time and motivation to exercise. As with all good weight control techniques we will not only want to give you the ability to attain your target weight, we also aim to give you the skills to maintain that weight. 

Confidence, Self Esteem and Assertiveness - There are many ways in which hypnosis can help you to become more confident, assertive and gain a greater self-esteem. Through mental rehearsal of 'difficult' situations, ego boosting techniques and other methods, it is possible to change old behaviours and thought patterns to more positive one. Assertiveness is the art of getting what you want without causing offence or harm to others; it is the balance between passivity and aggression. Becoming more popular every year, assertiveness training has been used to help sales staff, trainers, customer service staff, nurses, the police and many others, as well as being valuable in everyday life.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) - A common enough problem these days which causes discomfort to many. The symptoms include stomach pains, irregular bowel discharge and can be very embarrassing for sufferers. Often this will be caused by psychological reasons and has been shown to respond very well to hypnosis. Please note that we will need to consult with your doctor so please have their details ready when calling. Two or three sessions for improvement is usual

Motivation - For whatever purpose: success at your business, success in all and any endeavours no matter how small or grand, we can help clarify goals and achieve them. We will discuss what you wish to achieve, the options for achieving goals and help to set those goals within hypnosis. We can also help you tackle any specific psychological problems which are getting in the way of your achievement. Everyone has great potential and we can help you achieve yours.

Performance Anxiety (exam stress, public speaking, driving test nerves etc.) - We all encounter situations which worry us: examinations, tests and public speaking, to name a few common examples. The stress we feel is a perfectly normal reaction to a situation, it is our body's way of preparing us for this situation. There is usually a release of adrenaline, which allows the body and brain to work more effectively. From time to time however these reactions are inappropriate to the situation or too strong, this is where hypnosis can help. Through the use of visualisations, suggestions and your own undiscovered inner resources, we can help you to use the stress energy to enhance your performance without it becoming a problem, keeping the good energy and losing the bad stress.