Friday, December 19, 2014


Past Life Regression  is successful with a wide range of problems
Past life regression has a wide range of useful applications in the healing process. It is often successful in healing unexplained issues of life, body and mind
Past life as a catalyst for expressing deep emotions.
 Unusual physical symptoms can be healed with past life regression
Past life regression can reveal the source of emotional reactions in this lifetime
Past life regression can heal recurrent nightmares/ phobias.
Past life therapy is essential to fully experience, express and release the carryover celluler memory from your past.
Past life regression therapy is needed for rescripting negative pattern to a positive one
Essential aspect of healing is forgiveness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Past life regression cases to have an understanding about the issues healed by Past life regression...dr.vandana raghuvanshi, Chandigarh

ACase 1.
Phobias/ Fears bring darkness in life.I f it is removed light comes in life.Past life regression helps to remove phobias.A case of Blood Phobia is releases fully after three months....
A 14, yrs,class 9th, girl with intense bllod phobia.Cann't see tv,sight of blood even on tv,she use to feel-headach, palpitation,sweating.h/o negative dreams &not comfertable with relations....
* Regressed in past life in Turky, a 15 yrs old boy, got crushed below lorry, both legs chopped.Then left by own parents and adopted by other couple...,discribed whole life , till death in old age.
After regression...Oh!!! I saw too much blood flowing from my legs. 
The regreesion was in nov2011. She came to meet in april 2012..
she said...I can see tv and go to movies now.
I am not having recurrent headachs.
I feels very carefree at home now.
Ifeels better with family 
Want one more regression now. When asked why now???
She said to understand my relationship with my mother, as I know for sure it will helpboth of us a lot.

Case 2.
He regressed three past lives in a single past life regression session....After session he said- It was amazing.....
*A 32 yrs ,man, working in MNC, from Delhi.....
1st life...Prakash (~1960) an army man , only son of small state, in Raj. learned lesion.. Have courage, stay to your point, do what you really love to do.
**2nd life-...Mimi (~1900), a women,? Argentina (south America),bought up her daughter alone, as her loving husband died ,when daughter was only three. She gave whole life to daughter and not utilized another chance came in life .Lesion learned....Courage is must, for the things for which you feel strongly. If you have courage you do not miss another chance.
***3rd life....Borris (~1893 Russia) lived a good life, was sportsman, married young, understand soon that they were very different, took decision, separated with each other with harmony, travelled, wrote, when felt lonely felt like adopting child, adopted child, lived happily with son till end. Lesion learned....Satisfactory life. decide in time. Listen to heart. And people who love you do not leave them.
In present life...Borris life wisdom and lesion was needed to be reminded,  as in Mimi’s life and Prakash’s life…. ..Forget that he already learned this lesson...It was an amazing session.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Voice Dialouge therapy , Chandigarh

It is amazing how often we can get in our own way without even being aware that we are doing so. Even though we truly want to succeed, there are many reasons why we may sometimes block our own efforts. It may be that we are afraid to succeed, so we subconsciously create circumstances to keep ourselves stuck. Or it may even be that we are afraid that we will succeed, so we block ourselves by making the achievement of our goals more difficult than they really are. We may even approach our goals in a way that keeps creating the same unsuccessful results. 

If you believe that you’ve been standing in your own way, you may want to take a piece of paper & record how you’ve done so. Write down the choices you’ve made that have hindered your efforts & the fears that may have prompted you to make these decisions. Take note of any thoughts & feelings that arise. It is important to be gentle & compassionate during this process. Try not to blame yourself for getting in your own way. Remember the choices we make always are there to serve us, until it is time to let them go. When you are finished, throw the paper away while setting an intention that you are getting rid of any obstacles you’ve created to block yourself. You can then let yourself start again with a clean slate. Doubts & fears are going to be natural, but with this new awareness, you should be able to prevent yourself from subconsciously thwarting yourself. Besides, now that you’ve decided to get out of your own way, the part of you that has always wanted to succeed can now do so.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Past life therapists , Panchkula

The next time you find yourself wanting to react, try to pause & in that pause, take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on your skin & listen for a response to arise within you, rather than just going with the first thing that pops into your head. You may find that in that moment, there is the potential to move beyond reaction and into the more subtle & creative realm of response, where something new can happen.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


 Purpose gives our life meaning. When you discover your purpose, you can live your life with intention & make choices that serve your objective for why you are here on the planet. Finding your purpose is not always easy. You must embrace life wholeheartedly, explore many different pathways & allow yourself to grow. 

Your purpose is as unique as you are & will evolve as you move through life. You don’t need anyone’s permission to fulfill your purpose, & no one can tell you what that purpose is. Finding & fulfilling your purpose can be a lifelong endeavor. To figure out what your purpose is, ask yourself what drives you – not what forces you out of bed in the morning, but what makes you glad to be alive. Make a list of activities that you wish you were involved in or think about a career path that you would love to embark upon. These are the endeavors that can help you fulfill your purpose and bring you the most satisfaction. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Life Between Lives session ...To understand Purpose of life ....dr.vandana raghuvansghi, Life between lives therapist, Chandigarh....9872880634

Our relationship with others is about kindness. It is easy to act only in our perceived self-interest. We feel that if we do not look out for ourselves, who will? In an interrelated world, we are obliged also to look beyond ourselves. In the Talmud, Rabbi Hillel wrote, “If I am not for myself who will be? But if I am for myself only, what am I?” We are links in a chain. The fate of each link affects the fortunes of all others.

There is individuality but not independence. We are dependent upon each other at every turn. Our integrity affects the integrity of the whole.

We are each a part of a system of relationships that embrace our family, friends, neighbors, business associates, organizations, communities, nations, & family of nations. No single object or entity exists independently. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Friday, December 5, 2014


You don’t drive with a foggy windshield, so why do that with the rest of your life? The first step is to get clear on what your inner critic is saying and where it is coming from. Make a list of the things you are holding onto. What would be helpful to let go? Does it date back? Make a list of things you’ve felt judged for. If you’re a perfectionist, whose set of expectations are you trying to live up to? Is it really yours? Is it your parents’? Your partner? Your boss? Your culture?
Say to yourself, “I’m only human, I made a mistake. I’m willing to let this go.”