Saturday, April 19, 2014


I am sharing my experiences as i know many of you who are reading these articles would have similar questions and maybe this would help you find your answers too or look for help.
I have now started getting body symptoms before an important learning or event is to unfold , so like the last time i had nausea and initially i did not realize what was happening , i kept on wondering if it was bad food, weather, tiresomeness and finally i knew what it was, i had something coming up, I called Dr.Vandana for an appointment and further reached her clinic as scheduled. We started with a short meditation and body cleansing and proceeded further to regression , i entered trans state as quickly as i usually do and i saw myself as a girl around the age of 13-14 and i was entering a house , nice, cozy home with a green grass lawn, a white painted house....I was baby sitting a small 4-5 years  old kid, he was not my brother but i was very attached to that baby, his parents would come by 5 pm and that was the time i would leave for my home. I was asked to see where i stayed and i was staying in an orphange , i was well over the age i was allowed to stay however i was a favorite of nuns there who run the orphange attached to the church so i was permitted to stay. I needed to know how did i end up being in the orphange so  i travelled back and i Saw my current life mother leaving the city with my younger brother and leaving me behind, i was then at the age of  7/8 with brown hair, wearing a long white frok , i could see them go but i still did not know what did that mean and never came to know either.
Dr.Vandana asked me to recognize the place and it was very clear that it was Canada.
The next scene was that i was married and my husband (who happens to be my soulmate as i have seen many times in previous  sessions )was bed ridden, i was working and i would take care of him , i had to travel back to see how and why was he bed ridden and how did we get married, when i reached back to the time, i saw that we were class mates in college and we fell in love very young and got married at the age of 21-22 and after a few years when i was just 26 years old he met with an accident, he was benjamin and after that accident benjamin could not move as he had got paralized waist below.... Dr. Vandana asked me if i ever met any other man and the answer was no , I loved benjamin and i was happy and contented taking care of him, he on the other hand was very sad and his dosability had taken a tall on him.
When i was taken to the most important event in my life which usually is why one wants to have the regression and is the event which has the lesson one carries from that life, i saw myself a middle aged woman, now age and the fact of being both the bread winner and the nurse for my husband was showing on my face and i was no more the happy woman i was , the scene i saw brought a smile on my face and was when Benjamin and me walked out of the hospital ,he was cured and  he could walk now, i was so happy and felt that all that pain and sufferring was worth those many years,  after that i saw a scene where i came home from work and saw Benjamin hanged from the ceiling, he left me alone after all those years and all those efforts. He had become too sadistic and had started to believe that he is worthless and he should not live anymore, i did not blame him but i felt so lonely , i left that house and went back to the church and soon after i died too. Till this moment i had not cared to identify myself as i had sacrificed my life for my soulmate , when Dr.Vandana asked me to see what it was written on my grave stone , it read “ Anna who gave her life for love” and i started crying , my tears did not stop for a few minutes and then when i calmed down i entered the LBL , i was a pure white light,felt very light and travelled very comfortably , as i reached the place, i saw the Master soul and my soulmates too. My soulmate came and joined me and took my hand , i looked back for the Master Soul’s approval , he gave the permission with a nod , so once again i asked the master soul would my soulmate and me be together in this life and at this time he embraced us and gave us his blissings , we became one with him and totally embraced in his light .
The lesson i learnt in that life was “never love so immensly and give the other person the chance to love you and care for you as much

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SCO 365, FF
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DATE...19 APRIL 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014


You have grown now as an adult but how would you get to know that you are still carrying the traces of your childhood pain? Have you faced any of these as a child, adolescent* Parents not sharing harmonious relationship
* One of the parents left the child at an early age ( due to divorce or death) 
* Child given for adoption by parents
* Parents wanted a boy child and girl was born
* Mother had pregnancy or delivery issues while carrying the fetus inside.
* Lack trust and commitment in your relationships.....
* Lack of Love from Parents and loved ones
* Incidents of Shame, Guilt, Mockery, Grief
* Abuse of any type: Physical, Mental, Emotional or Sexual
* Parents not sharing harmonious relationship

If you find any of these, it is imperative that you reclaim your inner child and heal the painful memories.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


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Inner child healing facilitator , Chandigarh, India, 09872880634

Our lives are made up of a complex network of pathways that we can use to move from one phase of life to the next. For some of us, our paths are wide, smooth & clearly marked. Many people, however, find that they have a difficult time figuring out where they need to go next. Determining which “next step” will land you on the most direct route to fulfillment & the realization of your life purpose may not seem easy. 
There are many ways to discover what the next step on your life path should be. If you are someone who seeks to satisfy your soul, it is vital that you make this inquiry. Often, your inner voice will counsel you that it’s time for a change & it is very important to trust yourself because only you know what is best for you. Personal growth always results when you let yourself expand beyond the farthest borders of what your life has been so far. When figuring out what your next step will be, you may want to review your life experiences. The choices you’ve made & the dreams you’ve held onto can give you an idea of what you don’t want to do anymore & what you might like to do next. It is also a good idea to think about creative ways you can use your skills & satisfy your passions. Visualizing your perfect future & making a list of ways to manifest that future can help you choose a logical next step that’s in harmony with your desires. Meditation, journal writing, & other creative activities may inspire you & provide insight regarding the next step in life that will bring you the most satisfaction. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


At some point in our lives, or perhaps at many points in our lives, we ask the question, “Who am I?” At times like these, we are looking beyond the obvious, beyond our names & the names of the cities & states we came from, into the layers beneath our surface identities. We may feel the need for a deeper sense of purpose in our lives, or we may be ready to accommodate a more complex understanding of the situation in which we find ourselves. Whatever the case, the question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


One way to make sure you aren’t running away from your problems is to notice whether you are moving towards something that is exciting in its own right, as opposed to something that is appealing only because it is not where you are now. For example, if you are leaving a city because you feel you can’t afford it, you could be reinforcing poverty consciousness & you might find that you are unable to make ends meet in your new city as well. It would ultimately be less of an effort to stay where you are and look more deeply into your beliefs about money. You may discover that as you address these issues, you are able to make more money simply by changing your mindset. You may still decide to move, but it will be an act with a positive intention behind it & not an escape, which could make all the difference. 

Any pain involved in facing our issues is well worth the effort in the end. When we face our problems instead of avoiding them, we free our energy & transform ourselves from people who run away into people who move enthusiastically forward.