Monday, March 16, 2015


Past Life Regression
Past life regression is a regression to previous lives. A person relives and re-experiences own previous life. Dr. Brian Weiss had a young lady patient with many physical issues, fear and anxiety. In trance with his command she regressed to root cause of her present state, and to past lives. With many sessions, she improved in her health and psychological symptoms. His book “Many lives, Many masters” an international best seller, popularized past life regression around the world.
In India, Dr. Tripti Jain conducted a T.V. show-“Raj Pichlay Janam Ka”. This T.V. show made past life regression very popular in India. Now common man understands its procedure and benefits. This therapy is gaining popularity due to its beneficial results.
 is an effective therapy and helps in all quarters of life. Few are                
 Unexplained physical, mental, emotional, relationship issues.
.                   PLR can help to improve relations/ save  married life, helps to remove disharmony in any type of relationship, makes forgiveness  easy in bitter hurts, one can understand others point of  view, one have better understanding for self.
.                   When an emotional reaction is too intense for a person, place, group.
                   Recurrent nightmare, recurrent dreams, phobias & fears get removed with PLR.
                   When a person feels low energy and chronic fatigue
                   To remove creative blocks.
                   Helps to know your identity and solving sexual problems.
                   In Chronic diseases, allergy, recurrent headache, migraine, asthma etc.
.                   For greater self-esteem.
               To bring back past life abilities in your present life and spiritual advancement.
.               PLR can be fascinating and emotional treat for some.
Is it a safe therapy?
        In this therapy no medicine is given and it is no touch therapy.
       Past life regression is safe in hands of experienced past life therapist.
What is age regression?
You regress to your present life till birth time. It is useful in:-
       Molestation and sexual assault incidence.
       Traumatic experiences
      Anxiety, Fear and bitterness because of some specific incidence.
       Traumatic and lonely childhood / adolescence.
       Brought up with alcoholic parents and in broken family.
What is in Womb (antenatal) regression?
      It is the nine month time when soul consciousness is in the womb of mother.
       Sometimes person regress to this time during regression therapy.
What is LBL (Live between Lives)?
       After end of one life soul consciousness goes above in light.
       In LBL time soul mates, master’s guidance and planning stage are observed.
What is SRT (Spirit release therapy)?
Dr. William. J. Baldwin introduced SRT. He developed most of the techniques which are used by therapist around the world. 
       In SRT discovery and release of attached entity and unwanted spirits from the energy body and the physical body is done.
      SRT when required and done properly brings positive changes in life.
When a person is hypnotized he/she is in alpha stage. At this stage suggestions are given for recovery e.g. from emotional, physical, psychological mental issues etc. Common indications for hypnotherapy are:-      
 Remove stage fright.
       Improve self-confidence.
       Reduce stress
       Management of anger
       Overcome examination anxiety
        Weight reduction
      Overcome fear
       Nail  biting
   Bed wetting
   Improve cone centration
   Gaining weight
 and much more.....

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Past life session written and shared by person ,who experienced it....
I saw myself in a very green place with wooden houses. I was wearing some clothing that looked very rough and unkept. I realised it was a very old time sometime in 1700s. I was in Ireland. A male life.
I had a humble wooden hut, some farmland which was very small and i had two horses. There were civil wars happening, i could sense disturbance and a lack of friendliness in everyone, everyone was scared of being open to communication, many houses were raided and people were being removed from their homes , their lands were confiscated , it was a time of trouble . I knew i had a family but i was always so busy with other men discussing the day today life as we were always alarmed,armed and had to protect the family.
Everyone had decided that i would be the spokesperson  of the area we lived so that we could reach a compromise and settle the issue without any bloodshed. I could see flashes of houses being on fire, killing & cruelty.
Next i saw was that I was in green fields and there was a cliff where i was to meet a man from the other neighbouring village and we were to negotiate and talk so that we could have peace amongst our two villages and unite. I was waiting at the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea wondering how beautiful it would have been to go back to old times when everyone lived in peace. At this point i was unable to regress further , Dr.Vandana asked me to look from above, I realized that i was no more alive and i was looking from above at myself being drowned in the sea.
I was pushed into the cold waters , it was near sunset when i was pushed off the cliff and into the sea, I did not really drown in the real sense as i was a good swimmer, the water was so cold that the shock of cold water made my heart stop beating. I don’t know how can that death be described but it was the shock of being pushed off the cliff combined the freezing cold water that killed me.

I was finding difficulty to move above , i had no strength and was feeling heavy . I had a very severe pain in my head , at the back of my head due to which i was finding difficulty in moving up. Dr.Vandana helped me reach the white light and help me rest , I told Dr.Vnadana that my lesson was “never to trust anyone”. I tried to recognize the person who had killed me and I could see eyes who were very familiar , I knew who he was.
I also had seen that i had hit my head to an edge of a stone or a part of the cliff while falling and i had got a head injury due to which i had such a severe headache. I was going through too much pain and agony, I saw my soulmates and also the master light , had a brief blessing from the master light which helped me in resting and getting relief from my pain but by this time i was too tired and wanted to come back.
Now that i think of the trust issue i have had in my relationships i see it has always been very deep , there are many more people who go through bad relations or have problems with friends but no one had become so extremely cautious as i was. I had recognised the flaw in me and i was doing my best to overcome it but I had ever known it was related to my past lives, the fact that this matter came up after 20 lives it shows how deeply it had left its impressions on my soul , this lesson was engraved on my soul and since i had had similar issues in almost every life i was very comfortable with it not knowing this was causing some part of my loneliness. I am glad that i regressed to this life as past life therapy helps you , re live and re experience all the pain and trauma and then it releases the issue for good, once you identify an issue in a past life session you release that pain and this therapy brings an understanding that this was a matter of the past and it is not going to happen again as a result we stop repeating our fear and we stop sending the universe the wrong signals. As a Law of attraction trainer I have been knowing that we need to wish for things we want and we need to wish for all that we desire the right way , despite all my trainings and all studies as a motivational speaker and a Law of attraction trainer I had failed , because i had not been able to identify where i was going wrong , when deep inside i believed no one is trustworthy and I can not trust too many people i was continuously sending the wrong signal to the universe, i was not actively talking about it but in any situation i would analyse people and conclude that I could not trust and i kept on meeting those people .

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hypnosis can help in addictions – An addiction builds up over time, people are born with certain temperaments, certain predispositions and certain behaviours. Genes, environment, upbringing and childhood experiences can combine to make certain people more prone to addiction than others. Treating someone with an addiction should never be taken lightly by a hypnotherapist as so many different factors come into play. Whether you’re addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, smoking or gambling . Hypnosis can help you regain control of your thoughts and actions ensuring you make the right choices, it also helps alleviate the physical symptoms of addiction. Hypnotherapy is proven to help break addictions .
. Hypnosis can help to lose weight –  One of the key benefits of Hypnotherapy is  to help people lose weight but as you can imagine many factors have to be accounted for. Weight loss can be one of the easiest and most rewarding sessions a hypnotherapist can do but can also be one of the hardest. Hypnotherapy is also an effective tool to help people that overeat for psychological reasons eliminate their  need for the extra food they crave. 

 Hypnosis can help reduce stress –  Stress can cause serious illness in people like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and sleep disorders.  If you have a lot of stress in your life and your body is constantly in a high alert state then one of the benefits of  hypnosis and meditation  can change you. If you feel like you can’t get your stress levels under control by using diet, exercise and  medicine then it’s time to think about what hypnotherapy  can do for you. 
 Hypnosis can help deal with childhood issues – Childhood issues, almost everyone has them.  From serious abuse or other problems in the home to lack of self esteem or a need to be successful at all costs the issues and problems that you experienced as a child may still be impacting you today and causing you to make bad decisions or to not take very good care of yourself.  Hypnosis is a great way to work through childhood issues and replace those negative messages about yourself with positive ones.
 Hypnosis can help  in  sleep disorders – Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders that range from full insomnia to night terrors, wakeful sleep, sleepwalking, and the inability to fall into the REM sleep which your body and mind needs.  Sleep disorders can cause a wide range of other problems like obesity and addiction to either sleeping medications or to caffeine or other stimulants in an effort to keep the body going even though it’s exhausted. Sleep disorders are notoriously hard to treat. Many sleep disorders have an associated psychological condition that makes it necessary for people to get both psychological and physical treatment in order to be able to get some sleep.  
. Hypnosis can help in Anxiety and Depression – Many people are reluctant to take medication to treat anxiety and depression . hypnotherapy can help them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Past Life Regression for Relationship Issue & to know why am I emotionally very weak (Two past lives and guidance from master light in single session) Case: A 26 year old dentist, came for PLR with why does my relations breaks up again and again. I trust people a lot; they make use of my trust. Feels father always gave preference to brothers. In childhood witnessed disharmony in parents. History of recurrent dreams that I am in Rome, a woman with brown hair. Regression: Its sand all around and small houses. It’s an Arabian country. I am girl of 21 years, wearing a fully covered dress. I love someone…….! I am talking in Arabic to the person I love. It’s night and went to meet him with a lantern in hand. My name is Ilaya…….! My father is beating me. My parents are poor and fight a lot. The boy whom I love has gone away for business and never returned. My father sold me to the Head of the Kasbah. I am a Ghulam now. My duty is to give water but I live on the platform at the center of the Kasbah. I kept waiting for the person whom I loved. I don’t eat much. Its evening and I am vomiting and dying. There is none to give me water. I am only 28 years. Someone came and buried me. My family didn’t come. What Lesson Learnt? Love with purity and commitment. Healing done for forgiveness to father and the person whom she loved. She recognized her lover and person who buried her in her present life. LBL (Time in white light)Its divine and peaceful here. I am dancing with my soul mate light. I recognized him. He promised to be here besides me for my coming present life. He is taking me to the master light. Guidance from Master Light Have faith. Good time is coming in 2012. Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi:- I regressed her to the recurrent dream pattern- glimpses of Rome, beautiful lady with brown hair.2nd Past Life:It’s an European Country in the year 1500. I am a princess (long description of dresses and culture….). I have an army to protect me but one man is always near me and with me. We both love each other but we can’t marry because he is only a guard. When he goes away I feel very weak. I am having severe pain in both my shoulders and arms (she was crying in pain and intensely feeling it in present). He is holding my shoulders with force and telling me to go away with him. I can’t my duty is important. I devoted my life for the good of people. I died in old age. A lot of people are paying respectful tribute at my funeral. He is there and very sad. He devoted his life for my work. Re-Orientation: 1) 1st life covered carry-over of emotional vulnerability. 2) She often had severe complain of pain in both the arms. It wasn’t mention in the consultation. Now she knows that why pain was there and now it is totally released.