Friday, January 30, 2015


Phobias/ Fears bring darkness in life.  If it is removed light comes in life.Past life regression helps to remove phobias.A case of Blood Phobia is releases fully after three months....
A 14, yrs,class 9th, girl with intense blood phobia. Cann't see tv, sight of blood even on tv or a picture,she use to feel-headache, palpitation,sweating.h/o negative dreams & not comfortable with family members., stammering starts when in fornt of mother...
* Regressed in past life in Turkey, a 15 yrs old boy, got crushed below lorry, both legs chopped.Then left by own parents and adopted by other couple...,described whole life , till death in old age. The parents who left her ..the past life mother ,is present life mother.
After regression...Oh!!! I saw too much blood flowing from my legs. 
The regression was in Nov 2011. She came to meet in April 2012..
she said...I can see tv and go to movies now.
I am not having recurrent headaches.
I feels very carefree at home now.
I feels better with family 
Want one more regression now. When asked why now???
She said to understand my relationship with my mother, as I know for sure it will help both of us a lot...
Came to meet me this Jan 2015, she is a student of biology.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Past life regression story, Chandigarh

Past Life Regression for Decreased  Self-Confidence and Relationship Issue

 A 40 years woman, married for 18 years with 2 kids with severe relationship turmoil with since 5 years due to extra marital affair of husband. One of her other complain was of very low self- confidence and low self –esteem, losing weight , insomnia, feeling of fear and gynae problems regarding health.

On Regression:
It is 1800 time period and I am girl and my name is Meena and I am residing in Punjab area. My father is holding me, I feel good as he is making me understand some facts about life. Now my age is 21 years wearing a colorful dress, I am getting married to a good looking Punjabi boy. (Smiling at me, recognizing present life husband). I have reached at home of the in-laws after marriage. I am a little confused; an old lady is blocking my way. She is very rude, dominating. She is my mother in law. I have a very loving relation with my husband and I am very happy. I have given birth to a boy. Life is good. My child has grown up. I am busy in my family work. Now few years have passed, I am almost 30. I am not feeling happiness in family. It is my sickness; something to do with my gynae problem. I get tired soon, feeling depressed. I feel very lonely. I and my husband are not talks due to my bad health. My husband is worried about me. I look very old suddenly and I am not able to cope up with things. My mother in law is upset as I don’t work at home. My husband went to someplace, there is a girl trying to seduce him. She is not of good moral values. My husband is not able to control and now he is with that lady (she recognized her in present life). Now my husband is not around me. In absence of my husband my mother in law is pulling me, dragging me, taking me somewhere and left me in a different place. I have become a mental patient. After that my husband came and my son told all this after which he got annoyed and he took me to home. He is taking care of me. The lady got very angry. Now he is always taking care of me. I see a young newly -wed girl, she is my daughter in law. I died at the age of 92. I am cremated by Hindu rituals. My husband is old. He touched my head. When he was questioned whether how was life; he remained quiet.

Lesson Learnt: You should be happy whatever you do or think.
After Regression:

After 3 Weeks: 
1) My self-confidence is back.
2) I am happy
3) I am finding improvement in my relation with my husband.
4) My outlook is very positive now.
5) Feeling of belonging and enthusiasm for life has come back.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I am back to share my 3rd regression session , before we started the session Dr.Vandana explained to me and actually prepared me for the session , she told me that this would be a difficult session and i may have difficulty in seeing things and i should be prepared and use my senses to feel  my surroundings and also try and concentrate as i may lose directions.
We started the session, as expected i was not able to regrese as easily as before, had difficulty in the first phase itself however with her efforts i managed to reach the most difficult time my soul had experienced. I saw myself as an 8 years old golden hair boy looking at  sky and playing with a kite , i started feeling uneasy feeling a dark shadow behind me. He was my gaurdian a black farm manager who had come to take me from the fields, to take me back to the farm. I was not related to him and i was raised by him on a farm located in mexico.
Dr .Vandana asked me to progress further and see what happened, i had difficulty in moving in time , i saw myself at the age of 15 wearing brown cowboy pants, it felt like i was not an obedient child anymore, i was not still helping the black guy in any way and i was just living on that farm with them, it took me alot of effort to reach the event that had effected me, it was in mexico city, i was 17 years old and i was standing at a corner , smoking , i could sense that i was a guy that people feared and if they talked to me or called me it was because of my fearless and mischeivious behaviour and not out of true respect, next i heard the black guy calling me from behind by my name , he said “ hey Bob”, and before i could turn my head fully , he hit me with a sharp edged weapon in the head , i cld feel the pain but not see the blood and i kept telling Dr.Vandana that there is no blood, i was taken to a nursing home where i was treated. after this point everything was blank and i could not progress further, would lose Dr’s directions however finally i moved to another chapter, at this point i was a 28 yrs old man , tall with brown hair, wore good clothes, married with 2 kids and i knew i was in new york city .
By now i knew i was of Italian origin and had now settled in new york, i was short tempered, did not respect my wife, did not love her though i was attached to her and i was a chain smoker which i kept on telling Dr.Vandana” I smoke alot, i smoke alot”.
Dr.Vandana asked me what did u do ? and i said i was always at home , i only ordered, i no more worked and remained home most of the times as now i had people work for me , and she asked what do they do for you ? I answered they bring me the money, i am the Mafia Don .
She asked me if i ever killed anyone and i did not want to answer, i said i no more kill and i only order my people to kill.She asked me why did i stay home and i answered to protect my family.
She asked me again if i killed many people but i did not answer and i could not progress, i said i am very short tempered, i dont like my wife, women are good for nothing, they are only there to reproduce and they can do nothing in life. My wife’s name was Mary,she was my mom-( in real life)-.
I had an assitant who took care of everything , namely billy..This man is a friend in real life , someone who played a very major role in my today’s misery. I told Dr.Vandana that billy is the guy who would take care of the business after me.
She asked my why i did not love my wife but i did not say anything and again went into a discomfort mode. After sometime Dr.Vandana asked me to move ahead in that life and then i was on the street, shot in the right knee and in the right side of the stomach, it was a shoot out of two gangs and i was shot, billi took me to a place where i felt i stayed for 3 months to recover from the wounds. My knee healed however my stomach remained infectious throughout life, interesting is that exactly at the age of 34 i started to have this knee problem/ injury where after many tests and MRIs doctors are still not sure what did cause it and asked me not to have any physical activity that would put stress on my knee for 6-9 months but more interesting is the wound on the right side of the stomach.I have a birth mark exactly at the same place. It is amazing how we carry even the physical pain with us.
When i further progressed in my past life as Don Bob, i saw myself at home, and suddenly i was hauling, the feeling of loss was so intense that  i was shaking and crying , when Dr. Asked me to explain why i was crying i told her that  my wife had sent both my sons to billy, as she thought they were more safe with him ...I could never forgive my wife for this act.
The next scene was that my wife was packing her suitcase and wanted to leave, i did not stop her, i let her go. Dr.vandana sked me to see where she was and i saw her in a house where women with no family and support were taken care of , she died a lonely death there at maybe 34 and my younger son was the only person present at her funeral.
Next Dr.Vandana asked me to see where my sons were and i could see that they were with billy , now young men, my elder son was a very cruel and shrewd man , a bad soul with scary eyes , he happened to be the closest person to me in this life who actually ruined my life and my younger son was aloof , he was not happy being there.
After this i cld not progress further so Dr.Vandana asked me to go back to childhood again , there i came to know how i had landed up living with the black guy, i was 3 years old walking with my mom and dad on the street and i was lost around noon, and by evening when no one came to take me ,the black guy he took me to that farm and raised me, at this point i knew why he hit me at the age of 17, i had become popular and the farm owner had asked me to take care of the farm and had put him out of joband jealousy was the reason for his action. This guy too has played a very major role in my today’s problems.By now i knew who he was.
At this point Dr.Vandana asked me again if i ever killed anyone and i said 4-5 maybe and i killed the black guy too. It felt as if i felt the black guy and his action lead me to becming a don as after i killed him in a state of revenge i had to tun away and everntually i turned to a Don, i felt he was responsible for polluting my soul and it is so amazing i feel the same about the person in my real life, i feel he is the cause of me taking a very wrong decision and i have been tricked to a situation that i never wanted to be in.
The next scene was when my elder son he came home, he was furious, he wanted to kill me as he thought and belived i had sent his mom away and was responsible for his death, i explained to him that she was not happy and she herself left the house, showed him the cupboard that she had taken all her belongings, he calmed down and left, at this moment i told Dr. That i did not like him and he was a bad soul, he had killed many people and was cruel , she asked me why didnt i like my elder son and finally i told the secret that he was not my son, he was my wife’s and billy’s son and i felt i never told this to my son as i did not want him to hate his mother. Interesting is t fact that the mother of the same person in my real life had ran away with her lover after marriage and then was brought back home.
Dr.Vandana asked me if i had relations with any other women and i refused very clearly. I was asked to go to the time of death , i saw myself as 75 years old who was very weak due to excessive smoking and the wound in the stomach. I was trying to turn off the light when i fell and died, my body was there for 7 days and was eventually recovered by neighbours and police came to take my body, i was not leaving the place till my body was taken care of.
Doctor asked my what colour light i was and my answer was that i was a grey powder, she asked me to move  on and go into the white light but i told her i wanted to go back , i had some work, she told me to go back and finsih it and i went back to see my younger son , i saw him and gave him my blessings and it is after that that i cld move up and above, it was a great struggle to go to the white light , Dr.Vandana being a healer as well pushed me with her techniques and eventually i reached the white light , it was magical and peaceful, i feel i rested there for 7 years.

Before the session had started i had asked y me , why have i been suffering all the time in very single life and i got my answers, she told me to see the master and ask my questions, master was disappointed but still waited to hear my question, after i asked the question he was furious and left, the feeling i got was , he wanted to convey” when you know the answer why are you fooling yourself and why are you wating my time “ i was shaken , Dr.Vandana without hearing my question , had sensed that and immediately asked me to go to my soulmates and ask from them and they too were disppointed and asked me to look for answer within me”

After that Doctor asked me to go back and forgive the black guy, my wife, my son, billy which i did , most difficult was my son, he was a bad soul only seeking revenge , i tried and he seemed to be convinced , by this time i was too tired and exhausted, dr Vandana asked me to take energy from white light and then i was slowly brought back to my conscious level.
Its 3 weeks from my session now but i still feel the pain and the tiredness as i had a very difficult life both physically and emotionally. I have found many answers to my questions, i am more firm in my decisions and have the ability to say no to the wrong people .

Thank you doctor.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Benefits that can be attained through Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.
Ø Increased relaxation and the elimination of tension
Ø Increased and focused concentration
Ø Improved memory (Hypermnesia)
Ø Improved reflexes
Ø Increased self-confidence
Ø Pain Control
Ø Improved Sex Life
Ø Increased organization and efficiency
Ø Increased motivation
Ø Improved interpersonal relationships
Ø Slowing down the aging process
Ø Facilitating s better career path
Ø Elimination of anxiety and depression
Ø Overcoming bereavement
Ø Elimination of headaches, including migraine headaches
Ø Elimination of allergies and skin disorders
Ø Strengthening one’s immune system to resist any disease
Ø Elimination of habits, phobias, and other negative tendencies (self-defeating sequences)
Ø Improving decisiveness
Ø Improving the quality of people and circumstances in general, that you attract into your life
Ø Increasing your ability to earn and hold onto money
Ø Overcoming obsessive-compulsive behavior
Ø Eliminating Insomnia
Ø Improving the overall quality of your life
Ø Improved psychic awareness

Ø Establishing and maintaining harmony of body, mind and spirit

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The challenge to self-forgiveness comes when we hold onto anger and resentment. After feeling the necessary emotions, it’s time to release it and move on. Letting go can be new for many of us. We’ve used our limiting beliefs to protect us from perceived dangers and from achieving greatness. Your perception that what you did is unforgivable creates a separation between you and you inner power. Now is time to ramp up your self-love practice. This supports the realization that when you withhold self-love, you withhold self-forgiveness.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


We all know the feeling of being repeatedly haunted by the same issue, no matter how we try to ignore it, avoid it, or run away from it. Sometimes it seems that we can get rid of something we don’t want by simply pushing it away. Most of the time, the more we push away, the more we get pushed back. There are laws of physics and metaphysics that explain this phenomenon, which is often summed up in this pithy phrase: That which you resist persists. 

Resistance tends to strengthen the energies it attempts to oppose by giving them power and energy to work against. Additionally, resistance keeps us from learning more about what we resist. In order to fully understand something, we must open to it enough to receive its energy; otherwise, we remain ignorant of its lessons.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I am 28 yrs, suffering from  left ovarian cyst from two years. The  fear in mind and pain in lower body also become a part of life. Medical treatment was not able to dissolve cyst. Surgery thought used to make me sick and more fearful. I was in real turmoil.I decided to me dr.vandana raghuvansghi for other therapies. She suggested that fear and cysts seems to come together and it's seems past life carryover. We planed my past life regression session.
I regressed to a life in India, Rajasthan, 1910. A girl, very beautiful, poor parents. The landlord of the area was a forty year married man, As ,I grow up to 16 yrs , he asked my father to give me to her. My father a Rajput , refused. The next secne was night few man came , my father told me to run and gave me a knjar [ small knife like thing] in my hand . I ran from behind door..heard shrill voices in pain of my parents and fire burning home. I was terrifred , intense fear, my leges frozen, churning my stomach, not able to run.People was serching for me, I stabbed knife on left side of lower abdomed.I was very angry and with intense pain and fear when my soul left my body.Dr.Vandana helped me to forgive them and in light , my master light gave me understanding of that life , lession needed to be lerned and much more.
Immediately after session , I felt very light, as something left was ..fear.Very light in lower abdomen.dr.vandana raghuvanshi, advised to go for ultrasound pelvis, and now last week , I get it done. It's normal . I am happy and at peace. WONDERFUL WORK....
                                                                                       .....Navneet, Chandigarh