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Past life regression session shared by person who regression…
Why I need  Regression???   I am 17 year old girl, with many issues. mainly not able to speak confidently and put my point,  at any shop , i will stand and wait and wait ,even  not able to tell shopkeeper what , i came to purchage.Oher things with me are....

Because I feel I am shy and I am afraid of keeping my point of view
Sleeplessness sometimes causes irritation and scary dreams that I am very sick.
Why do I keep my emotion inside me?
Why m I not able to share my feeling with anyone?
Unexplained body pain and fatigue, tiredness, pain in legs off and on.
When dr.vandana raghuvanshi guide me to my past life , I had entered the first door  and saw myself in a pretty pink dress. I was 3 years old at that time. My room was full of toys, games, cars, and all. I was a very shy kind of girl and was always afraid of talking to anyone. But my mother was very loving and caring mom. My father never understood me and my feelings. In my school days I was very afraid to answer questions thinking that the answer would be wrong. But in my college life I was totally changed because when I reached my college and saw that no one cares about what you say whether right or wrong you just have to answer. So at that time all my shyness, cowardness was released out. After completing my college I was offered with a job abroad. My father and elder brother refused to this proposal. But at that time my mother told that I also have the same right as my brother have to work, so I and my mother went to abroad for 2 years we both were working. After one year when we came back from abroad. My brother got married. After the arrival of his wife the whole atmosphere of our house was changed everyone understood the importance of one another. After 2 years of my brother’s marriage my father’s friend got the marriage proposal for me also. It was an arranged marriage with all the rituals like a South Indian family does. I had got married. I was very happy with my parent’s decision. My mother in law and father in law both loved me a lot. I and my husband had a very good bonding but sometimes due to our working hours and stress we both used to fight. But everything changed after 2 years when we had our baby boy. He was the cutest boy of the world. Everyone loved him a lot. Slowly and slowly due to our child my relation with husband got more difficult.We not give much time to each other. But after some years when I had continued with my job while coming back from school I had met with an accident with a truck which was the disastrous moment of my life. I was having many bones fractured. After sometime doctors refused because my lower body was damaged and I could not stand ever again. During those days my husband used to stay whole day with me taking care of time and my son used to love a lot which made me cry and feel what I always wanted in my childhood, the love of my parents, my brother which I was getting now.
Those last days of my life were the most happening days by being in the bed. Both the families were together, all were sitting next to me as I saw mother entering the room , I wanted to talk to her but all of a sudden I lost my breathe. I was no more. I just wanted to thank my mom for whatever she had done for me, for her love. Those last moments of my life were the happiest moments as all family was with me.. My life was in south india.My name was Laxmi.
After the regression first thing i told to dr.vandana that I am prone to accident in this life also and felt very happy that I released that tendency.I am a Punjabi Sikh girl, but any one can tell me as I am south indian girl by my looks.I love south indian food. In this life I am missing my fathers love as my parents are divorced and my mother love me a lot.Now i understand and will never feel happy in sickness to get love of family. 

After three months…
Mind Relaxed
No Body Pains
Happy at heart
Weight Loss noticed and looks very attractive as extra ponds shed away.
Speak Freely now and very confident …

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Therapies Available  with 09872880634
·      Past Life Regression:
You got to your root cause in past life, re-live, re-experience, re-lease the carry over clutter in body, mind, life, relationships in present life and remove your blocks.
·      Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression:
Meet masters, get guidance in life, meet soul mate, can assess your life plan, can meet planets, get healing.
·      Age Regression:
From childhood till date of session.
·      In Womb Regression:
The time when you were in the womb of the mother and what fear and trauma you faced. To release these womb regression is very good.
·      Traumatic Event Regression:
To heal specific trauma.
·      Birth time Regression:
To heal birth trauma.
·      Inner Child Facilitation Work:
Healing of childhood and teenage. The adult self suffer due to inner child fears. Inner child work helps to heal the child within and adult can take right decision in life.

•             Family Constellation Healing
•             Re-birthing- Breathing
Take 10 sessions of re-birthing and be born a new human by healing yourself completely.
•             Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy (NLP):
Treat OCD, Phobia; Nail biting, Bed wetting, Anxiety, Time Line Therapy, Swiss Therapy, Goal planning, Self-improvement and sports NLP, NLP for teens.
•             Hypnotherapy:
I) Addiction
Ii) Alcoholism
iii) Stuttering
V) Insomnia
vi) Panic attack
vii) Remove bad habit
Viii) Self-Motivation
Ix) Depression
x) Fear

Xi) Unexplained headache.

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Inner Child healing....dr.vandana raghuvanshi, Inner Child Healer, Chandigarh....9872880634 SCO 365,FF,SEC-44-D, Chandigarh

"It is through healing our inner child, by healing the wounds that we suffered, we can change our behavior patterns and start our emotional healing process. We can release the grief with its pent-up anger, shame, fear, and pain from those feelings, which exist within us.By innerchild healing we feel the happiness within."

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Past life regression by dr.vandana raghuvanshi, in Chandigarh

Freedom from being judgemental brings unconditional accepetance of self, which is essential to heal effectively and completely.When  we become aware of our higherself, we experience freedom and a moment towards evolution.By allowing the transformation within you ,you feel free from fear, anger, guilt and stress. Ultimately you can accept, forgive and trust yourself. Past life regression and life between lives helps you to understand purpose of life....

Monday, November 10, 2014

HEALING THROUGH PAST LIFE REGRESSION.....dr.vandana raghuvanshi, past life therapist, Chandigarh

Past life regression is a process that helps in re-experienecing and reliving the memories of past lives.Past that is not complrtrly resolved , keeps one stuck in repetative patterns.Past life regression helps us to overcome limiting beliefs.Past life regression resolve the root cause of self created problems .We understand that our choices are determined by our past conditioning.By undergoing past life regression session you can learn from your past, live fully in present and create a happy future...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Past life regression helps to understand others point of view....dr.vandana raghuvansghi, past life therapist, Chandigarh

Like water, which over a period of time freezes & takes the form of frozen ice cubes, when kept in an ice tray; perceptions of different things, people & events, inside our consciousness, which come onto the surface of our consciousness regularly i.e. we shape our thoughts, words & actions based on them, regularly, take the form of rigid perceptions over a period of time. These rigid or 'frozen perceptions', which sometimes never liquefy in our entire lifetime, are commonly called our beliefs, which can stick in our consciousness like ice cubes & be difficult to uproot at times. One of the greatest harms that holding to a set of beliefs does is, that it doesn't let us see from other peoples' point of view.After past life regression session one can understand others point of view.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Past life regression can be a very great insight about present life issue...
. I saw myself as an 8 years old golden hair boy looking at  sky and playing with a kite , i started feeling uneasy feeling a dark shadow behind me. He was my gaurdian a black farm manager who had come to take me from the fields, to take me back to the farm. I was not related to him and i was raised by him on a farm located in mexico.
Dr .Vandana asked me to progress further and see what happened, i had difficulty in moving in time , i saw myself at the age of 15 wearing brown cowboy pants, it felt like i was not an obedient child anymore, i was not still helping the black guy in any way and i was just living on that farm with them, it took me alot of effort to reach the event that had effected me, it was in mexico city, i was 17 years old and i was standing at a corner , smoking , i could sense that i was a guy that people feared and if they talked to me or called me it was because of my fearless and mischeivious behaviour and not out of true respect, next i heard the black guy calling me from behind by my name , he said “ hey Bob”, and before i could turn my head fully , he hit me with a sharp edged weapon in the head , i cld feel the pain but not see the blood and i kept telling Dr.Vandana that there is no blood, i was taken to a nursing home where i was treated. after this point everything was blank and i could not progress further, would lose Dr’s directions however finally i moved to another chapter, at this point i was a 28 yrs old man , tall with brown hair, wore good clothes, married with 2 kids and i knew i was in new york city .
By now i knew i was of Italian origin and had now settled in new york, i was short tempered, did not respect my wife, did not love her though i was attached to her and i was a chain smoker which i kept on telling Dr.Vandana” I smoke alot, i smoke alot”.
Dr.Vandana asked me what did u do ? and i said i was always at home , i only ordered, i no more worked and remained home most of the times as now i had people work for me , and she asked what do they do for you ? I answered they bring me the money, i am the Mafia Don .
She asked me if i ever killed anyone and i did not want to answer, i said i no more kill and i only order my people to kill.She asked me why did i stay home and i answered to protect my family.
She asked me again if i killed many people but i did not answer and i could not progress, i said i am very short tempered, i dont like my wife, women are good for nothing, they are only there to reproduce and they can do nothing in life. My wife’s name was Mary,she was my mom-( in real life)-.
I had an assitant who took care of everything , namely billy..This man is a friend in real life , someone who played a very major role in my today’s misery. I told Dr.Vandana that billy is the guy who would take care of the business after me.
She asked my why i did not love my wife but i did not say anything and again went into a discomfort mode. After sometime Dr.Vandana asked me to move ahead in that life and then i was on the street, shot in the right knee and in the right side of the stomach, it was a shoot out of two gangs and i was shot, billi took me to a place where i felt i stayed for 3 months to recover from the wounds. My knee healed however my stomach remained infectious throughout life, interesting is that exactly at the age of 34 i started to have this knee problem/ injury where after many tests and MRIs doctors are still not sure what did cause it and asked me not to have any physical activity that would put stress on my knee for 6-9 months but more interesting is the wound on the right side of the stomach.I have a birth mark exactly at the same place. It is amazing how we carry even the physical pain with us.
When i further progressed in my past life as Don Bob, i saw myself at home, and suddenly i was hauling, the feeling of loss was so intense that  i was shaking and crying , when Dr. Asked me to explain why i was crying i told her that  my wife had sent both my sons to billy, as she thought they were more safe with him ...I could never forgive my wife for this act.
The next scene was that my wife was packing her suitcase and wanted to leave, i did not stop her, i let her go. Dr.vandana sked me to see where she was and i saw her in a house where women with no family and support were taken care of , she died a lonely death there at maybe 34 and my younger son was the only person present at her funeral.
Next Dr.Vandana asked me to see where my sons were and i could see that they were with billy , now young men, my elder son was a very cruel and shrewd man , a bad soul with scary eyes , he happened to be the closest person to me in this life who actually ruined my life and my younger son was aloof , he was not happy being there.
After this i cld not progress further so Dr.Vandana asked me to go back to childhood again , there i came to know how i had landed up living with the black guy, i was 3 years old walking with my mom and dad on the street and i was lost around noon, and by evening when no one came to take me ,the black guy he took me to that farm and raised me, at this point i knew why he hit me at the age of 17, i had become popular and the farm owner had asked me to take care of the farm and had put him out of joband jealousy was the reason for his action. This guy too has played a very major role in my today’s problems.By now i knew who he was.
At this point Dr.Vandana asked me again if i ever killed anyone and i said 4-5 maybe and i killed the black guy too. It felt as if i felt the black guy and his action lead me to becming a don as after i killed him in a state of revenge i had to tun away and everntually i turned to a Don, i felt he was responsible for polluting my soul and it is so amazing i feel the same about the person in my real life, i feel he is the cause of me taking a very wrong decision and i have been tricked to a situation that i never wanted to be in.
The next scene was when my elder son he came home, he was furious, he wanted to kill me as he thought and belived i had sent his mom away and was responsible for his death, i explained to him that she was not happy and she herself left the house, showed him the cupboard that she had taken all her belongings, he calmed down and left, at this moment i told Dr. That i did not like him and he was a bad soul, he had killed many people and was cruel , she asked me why didnt i like my elder son and finally i told the secret that he was not my son, he was my wife’s and billy’s son and i felt i never told this to my son as i did not want him to hate his mother. Interesting is t fact that the mother of the same person in my real life had ran away with her lover after marriage and then was brought back home.
Dr.Vandana asked me if i had relations with any other women and i refused very clearly. I was asked to go to the time of death , i saw myself as 75 years old who was very weak due to excessive smoking and the wound in the stomach. I was trying to turn off the light when i fell and died, my body was there for 7 days and was eventually recovered by neighbours and police came to take my body, i was not leaving the place till my body was taken care of.
Doctor asked my what colour light i was and my answer was that i was a grey powder, she asked me to move  on and go into the white light but i told her i wanted to go back , i had some work, she told me to go back and finsih it and i went back to see my younger son , i saw him and gave him my blessings and it is after that that i cld move up and above, it was a great struggle to go to the white light , Dr.Vandana being a healer as well pushed me with her techniques and eventually i reached the white light , it was magical and peaceful, i feel i rested there for 7 years.

Before the session had started i had asked y me , why have i been suffering all the time in very single life and i got my answers, she told me to see the master and ask my questions, master was disappointed but still waited to hear my question, after i asked the question he was furious and left, the feeling i got was , he wanted to convey” when you know the answer why are you fooling yourself and why are you wating my time “ i was shaken , Dr.Vandana without hearing my question , had sensed that and immediately asked me to go to my soulmates and ask from them and they too were disppointed and asked me to look for answer within me”

After that Doctor asked me to go back and forgive the black guy, my wife, my son, billy which i did , most difficult was my son, he was a bad soul only seeking revenge , i tried and he seemed to be convinced , by this time i was too tired and exhausted, dr Vandana asked me to take energy from white light and then i was slowly brought back to my conscious level.
Its 3 weeks from my session now but i still feel the pain and the tiredness as i had a very difficult life both physically and emotionally. I have found many answers to my questions, i am more firm in my decisions and have the ability to say no to the wrong people .

Thank you doctor.