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@ जहाँ तक soulmates की बात है तो गीता के ही अध्याय:8 श्लोक: 6 के अनुसार यथा:- यं यं वापि स्मरन्भावं त्यजत्यन्ते कलेवरम् । तं तमेवैति कौन्तेय सदा तद्भावभावित: ।। अर्थात् - हे कुन्तीपुत्र अर्जुन ! यह मनुष्य अन्तकाल में जिस जिस भी भाव को स्मरण करता हुआ शरीर का त्याग करता है, उस उस को ही प्राप्त होता है । @ अब कर्म के विषय में विचार करते हैं यथा :- गीता के ही अध्याय colonthree emoticon श्लोक: 5. न हि कश्चित्क्ष्णमपि जातु तिष्ठात्यकर्मकृत् । कार्यते ह्रवश: कर्म सर्व: प्रकृतिजैर्गुने: ।। अर्थात् - नि:संदेह कोई भी मनुष्य किसी भी काल में क्षणमात्र भी बिना कर्म किये नहीं रहता +(मन, शरीर, विचार में गति को ही कर्म कहते हैं)+, क्योंकि सारा मनुष्य समुदाय प्रक्रुतिजनित गुणों द्वारा परवश हुआ कर्म करने के लिए बाध्य किया जाता है । @ अब कर्मफल - संसार में दो ही चीजें हैं एक तो है चेतन और दूसरा है जड़ प्रकृति, प्रकृति में पाँच तत्व हैं यथा :-आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, जल और पृथ्वी । चूँकि जड़ प्रकृति में ज्ञान का अभाव होता है इसलिए वह कर्मफल देने में समर्थ नहीं है । कर्मफल देने में चेतन ही समर्थ है । ।। इति ।।

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Past life regression case story....Chandigarh past life regression centre, India

A beautiful Journey: Past Life Regression , everyone will love to read.

An interesting regression. Will try to write in short. A young, married women, age30 yrs, married, topper in studies...very beautiful... Looks seems combination of beautiful features...only single session done, three lives covered...instant regression..
.1st life.
 Year  1140...i  am  a girl,  wearing dear  skin  cloths,  age  25  years, living in  Gangotri, an ashram, since childhood, as  I am an orphan, but most cared by others in ashram. This ashram is having Shiva statue. I have taken diksha. I am a Brahma Chari. We are going kashi for Kashi Vishwanath Darshan with our head of the ashram. I stayed there, then I went to Lumbvini, it is in Nepal. I stayed and did have siddhiya by tapsya. I am a bhikhshuni... I meditate whole day. I see now we all are going to bless a marriage ceremony in is a very big palace. We are blessing the boy, who is to be married. His name is dhritu. I am 35 year old now. When dhritu saw me, he refused to get married to the other girl. A lot of things are happening. We are coming back. His father is standing with us with folded hand. Some one from us is telling something. Regarding marriage, I am too upset to listen these things. We are leaving the patliputra.but I did not accepted dhritu proposal. But I know, I liked the thought of his love for me. I am varying sad. Meri tapsya bhang ho gayi, toot gayi... now I am in kashi sang math. I am 50 years old. I am head. I am sick. Mera dil me khrabi hay. Breathing problem hai. Dhritu is here to take care math and me. He is still unmarried. He devoted his life for me. 
(.actually dhritu is my life husband.).......then death...lesson learned...duty is important.
2nd life......
.year.1803 I am a beautiful girl in Palestine area. They are calling me malika. I have four brothers, my father is very rich. I am very much pampered. I am very proud, in nature. An Indian man comes to teach me sitar. Now we love each other. Abbas, my elder brother now know this. I am too sad. Abbas killed my sitar teacher. Sitar teacher was in fact dhritu, of last life; he is my present life husband. I am. Going   to Paris for change but not happy. Time is passing. I am not ready to come back. Abbas is sad. He takes so much pains, comes to meet me. His wife also comes.   Now I understands my brothers love for me, so  I  am getting  married  to  some  one  my  family choose. A lot of story......................death. Lesson compassionate.
(Two  very  imp  present  life  people...Abbas, the  brother  and his son  and  Ayaa.The mousi  in  this  life. Integrated in this life.)
3rd life
  i am a girl, 12 year, golden hair, my name is rose.  I am on ship with my nanny (caretaker). My mother is dead, so my father is sending me to my grand parents, I am leaving father do some work there. I am growing in beautiful women. I study and good in it. My grandfather is dead. I live with my grand mother and house is beautiful. I am happy, I love someone, and he loves me. Actually (you know... he is the same dhritu& sitar teacher). I am going somewhere. It is big building, it is airport. My friend came to airport to see me off. I am upset. I complained about my father to govt. I think he is a spy. Some Budapest regency...Nazi...these thoughts are coming in mind. Oh, I want to tell my father, what I did. Oh father is here. At airport. He is coming. Ahhhhh. He shot me.i am dead. He killed himself. My lover...he is so sad...lesson. Learned.....i should not have taken a hasty decision .one should make proper inquiry, before any conclusion .he was not a wrong man.   I am feeling uselessness now.....very long silence....
After PLR: Reorientation and integration....
                                Very much scared at airport. Chest problems without medical cause. Chest hurts a lot without any reason.
Some azeeb sa birth mark on chest. In this time.
Present husband......they met at airport. He came to pick her, official work. Not each was love at first site for both. In this life also uska rokaa ho chukka tha.he refused for that rishta. They got married with efforts of Mamaji of her husband. Mamaji was father of dhritu in year.1140.
She feels very much connected with Lahore, London and Paris.
Four other relations in present life were in other lives.
Conclusion....dhritu (1140), sitar teacher (1803), a friend and love (1932) same person.... all the time and husband in this life...


Saturday, June 20, 2015


Read somewhere like to share....INNER CRITIC....
Excessive self-criticism tends to backfire, because it leads us to focus on our so-called failures instead of the "small ways that we could have improved," says psychologist Tamar E. Chansky, PhD, author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety. And over the long term, studies show, self trash-talk is associated with higher stress levels and even depression.

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Anaysis of your own past life and it's carryover affecting your current life , helps in giving insight into your journey and what lession you need to learn in present life.Past Life Regression makes it possible for us to  review our forgotten lifetimes and identify the causes for these blocks which exist in our current lifetime, it help us to heal these blocked energies and unhealed traumas. Past life therapy is  full of awareness when one understands the context of one’s life limiting patterns from the perspective of an unhealed Past Life. Past life regression also gives insight to the questions like... Who was I in my past life? Will my previous birth Karma be carried forward to this current birth?  It gives a deep understanding about the self....

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He Came To Find The Answer in Past Life. Why this happened to me?

A 51 year old engineer from Delhi came to me on 30/08/2014 for past life regression for finding answers to his issues:
·       My son of 17 years old died on 03/08/2014 within 5 minutes without any plausible reason, why did it happen to me?
·       Was it pre-destined?
·       Why did he not even come in my dream? Is he at peace? Anything he wants to communicate with me?
·       What is my future? My life is meaningless. 24 hours later my sons’ face is in front of me.
Family History:
He is born in a very poor family and worked very hard in life to reach here. Wife is good, doesn’t speak much. Now only one daughter is left. The wife and daughter came with him to witness the session.

On Regression:
1st Life:   I am 30 years old and I am in a small temple wearing clothes of a pandit. The year is 1940. I got to the temple early morning and come back in the evening (very detailed description of the hill where the temple was situated). My home is small and my wife serves meal. She doesn’t speak much. I am standing outside the hut watching the kids play. I don’t have a kid; even though I am married and I live a life of Sanyasi. Now I am 50 and sick (visibly started crying…) I am not able to go to temple, I am very sad. Its morning 4am and I am taking bath and going towards the hill to the temple. On the way I am falling into the valley and dying. My soul reached to the temple, there is a bright light in the temple. I loved God only.

I guided him towards light. In light when requested for communication with departed soul of son he found the presence of his son with a smile on the face. When he asked that why this happened to them the sun pointed a finger and the subject entered into another life…

2nd Life: I am king aged about 50 years. I am a big huge man. I order to kill people and sitting in a big fort, people call me by name of Sultan. This is year 1313. I have many wives but fewer sons. In my whole I commanded my men to kill other people. Now I am old and it seems that my throne has been taken over by one of my sons. I am sensing danger of life due to that son….. I am standing on the back of fort in an open area brooding over my fate. A man is coming towards me cursing me as to why did you kill my son. He was just 17 years old. Your men brutally killed him within 5 minutes without any fault of ours. The guards of the fort took that man away. Some soldiers came and taking me to some isolated area inside the fort. I am dying, I am killed by them.

Guided to Light: In light he found his son waiting and he experienced that the man who cursed merged into the son. Son told that it is over between us, now there is no issue. It was pre-destined. After that he found that only master light is there with him. He asked the master light that what he should do now. The answer came….. Keep on working and love God.

Re-Orientation after session: He says from 1313 the curse was with me. I was childless in last life of pandit (1940). This means I am suffering for so long with this issue and in this life my son left me. I am so empty. In the end he is speechless, felt satisfaction that at least he found the answers.